Crib Bumper Controversy

Nate & I did something very controversial this weekend.   We put the crib bumpers back on Grace’s crib.  Reading that last sentence, you will probably have one of the three reactions:

1)      Gasp of Horror!  How could you!??!

2)      *Rolling Eyes* So what?  I always use them.

3)      Huh?

For those who don’t know, crib bumpers are a big crib no-no according to safety experts.    Not using bumpers in your crib is just one of the safety precautions that the experts recommend when talking about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) protection.  There is no known cause of SIDS, but there are several things you can do to help lower the risk.

Before Grace was born Nate & I talked about if we should use crib bumpers or not.  Grace was going to be sleeping in her crib from day one.  We decided that she won’t be moving around at all as a newborn so we’ll go ahead and use the bumpers.  Once Grace starts moving then we’ll relook at the situation.

Well… The night we brought Grace home from the hospital Nate took the bumpers off the crib.  Once he saw her in there he got nervous and decided that it wasn’t worth the risk.  The bumpers have been off ever since.

Grace is now almost 5 months old and we decided to give the bumpers a try.  Why?  Because I got tired of fetching Grace’s pacifier from underneath the crib in the middle of the night!  Grace wakes us up sometimes when she looses her pacifier and Nate or I have to give it back to her.   That isn’t a big deal, but she always seems to drop her pacifier so it falls behind the crib.  The night that I pulled a muscle reaching for her pacifier was the night I had enough!

So the bumpers are back on.

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on crib bumpers?  Did you ever use them or did they make you nervous?


  1. Sunny says

    I feel kind of like a bad mom for having never looked at this issue. However, we had crib bumpers on for both of our kids and had no problem. In fact they were and are entertaining to the kids when they get older. Mitch was always talking to his Sesame Street friends and playing with the bumper. And Sammy is now the same way pulling on the butterfly wings and make the antlers crinkle on her bugs. I’m sure there have been problems, but there are a million different things that can happen. And as I’ve found I try not to worry so much, cause I think I might go crazy if I do! Dangers are at every corner for our children and sometimes I have to rely on blind faith. You had some very interesting points! Thanks for the insight.

    • says

      Sunny, you are not a bad mom! We all have our own things that we worry over. Something that is a big deal in one person’s house isn’t even thought about in someone else’s house. If Nate & I have more children, maybe we’ll use the bumpers from day one or…. maybe we’ll end up taking them back out of Grace’s crib next month! Who knows. One thing I do know is that SIDS is awful, just awful. I wish that there was a known cause so that all parents could rest a little easier at night.

  2. says

    We kept bumpers on for both kids. Claire had the same problem with lost nuks and Caleb rolls around and whacks his head on the side all the time, so the bumpers were great to have. I recently took Caleb’s out because he doesn’t need them, also he would stand up, and step on the bumpers to try to leap out of his crib. I was also going to share the link about SIDS, it seems like they know what causes it.

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