Embracing Autumn with my Festive Fall List 2011

I tried not to do it.  I really did.  The temptation was just too great.  I wrote another list.  I really think I’m addicted to list making.

I enjoyed my Summer Fun List so much that I just had to create a Festive Fall List!

The Food

  • drink apple cider
  • toast pumpkin seeds
  • bake something pumpkin
  • make special hot drinks
  • get pumpkin pie blizzards from Dairy Queen
  • bake apple crisp
  • eat a caramel apple

The Holidays

  • our anniversary – 6 years! Go us!
  • Grace’s Birthday
  • Thanksgiving
  • make Christmas lists – not to rush things, but it’s gotta happen!

The Great Outdoors

  • play at the park while we still can!
  • take walks to see the changing leaves
  • play in a leaf pile
  • go on a hayride
  • enjoy the local street fair
  • watch a parade
  • pick a pumpkin

The Social Adventures

  • host an appetizer party
  • Lipstick & Crayons – my church’s moms group happening 2x a month
  • story time – happening 10x this fall
  • The Relevant Conference***
  • Fall Fest at our church
  • my parent’s visit in October

The Random Stuff

  • decorate the house for fall
  • paint a pumpkin
  • burn candles

I have plenty of space left at the bottom of my list.  What should I add?


*** In late October I will be attending a women’s Christian blogging conference called Relevant.  I am very excited for this opportunity to learn a lot about blogging and enjoy the company of 250 other bloggers.  I am looking for sponsors for the conference.  If you would like me to promote your company or product on Simply Rebekah and at the conference, please contact me for more information.  


    • says

      Stacy, I hope you post about your list!! I want to see it. You could always add it to my Insane Goals monthly link-up happening on Oct. 1st. All lists count for this list obsessed link-up! :)

  1. Emily says

    You should add make a scarecrow. hehehe. Or carve a pumpkin and let Grace stick her hand in the gooey goodness.

    Seriously, it is very fun.

  2. Kristy Campbell says

    Nice!!! I love that you hand made that list with all the nice Fall colours! I also made an intentional Summer fun list (which we MOSTLY crossed everything off of! yay!) so now I’m inspired to do a Fall one too!

    On a related note, have you ever made a list of things to make lists of? I have. 😉

    • says

      There are so many things about this comment that I love!

      1) You NOTICED my color scheme!!! :)
      2) You’re inspired to make your own list – which you totally should!
      3) You are just as list obessed as I am! haha!

      You should check out the Insane Goals Monthly Link-Up. It sounds like something you would get into. Our next link up is Oct. 1st.

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