Water Play Busy Bag & Pool Fun That Doesn’t Cost a Thing!

Water Play Busy Bag & Pool Fun

My mom blessed me with a bunch of homemade busy bags for Grace.  They have been great to pull out when I need some moments of peace and quiet!

What is a busy bag?  It is a simple activity meant to entertain little ones and ideally it can be re-used again and again.

Perhaps my favorite busy bag that my mom put together was one for water play and pool fun.  The best part is that it didn’t cost her a penny!

Water Play Busy Bag & Pool Fun That Doesn't Cost A Thing

To make a water play busy bag, start by looking around your house for reusable items.

  • Lids for scooping & pouring – My mom collected laundry detergent & shaving cream lids.  These are great because they are often colorful.
  • Spice containers for shaking & sprinkling – Empty spice containers with holes in the lids are perfect.
  • Yogurt containers for fountain fun – Heat a large needle or safety pin over a candle flame to poke holes in an old yogurt container.  Experiment with different size holes and placement to create fun fountain effects.  My mom made 3 different ones; one with 4 holes in the bottom, one with 1 large hole in the side, and one with several small holes placed randomly on the sides.

Water Play Busy Bag - Spice Container  Water Play Busy Bag - Yogurt Container

During the summer months these will become a favorite for the pool, but you can use them year round inside.  Grace loves to stand at the bathroom sink on a stool and play in a sink full of water!  And don’t forget about throwing these in the bathtub!

What ideas do you have for homemade water play?


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    What awesome ideas! We got Scrunchie a pool for his birthday (kiddie pool) and have been looking for fun ways to mix things up!


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