Frugal Photo Friday: Save Money with a “Gift Box”

Frugal Photo Friday

Welcome to Frugal Photo Friday!  This month I am partnering with Crystal, from Money Saving Mom.  Each Friday we are sharing pictures of simple ways that we save money.  This week I’m sharing how having a “gift box” saves money.

Save Money with a "Gift Box"

Hidden away in a closet is this fabulous box of fun.  It is a collection of items just waiting to fill a Christmas stocking, go in an Easter basket, or get wrapped up in fun birthday paper.

I save money on gifts by setting aside items I get at a discount and saving them in my “gift box” until the next big celebration.  Here are 6 ways I’ve filled my box with discounted gifts:

  1. Book Sales – Every year my library has a huge book sale and the books are super cheap.
  2. Garage Sales – Once I found brand new Easter themed coloring books for less than $1.00.  Perfect!
  3. Amazon Deals – Did you  know Amazon has a page dedicated to daily deals? (affiliate link!)  Or you could always follow a blog like Crystal’s that will alert you about hot deals.
  4. Hand-me-downs – Does it make me a bad mom that I hold onto hand me downs instead of giving them to my kids right away?  Of course I don’t do it with all items, but I’ve definitely held on to a few.
  5. Conference Freebies – The past two years I went to a blogging conference that had some awesome swag.
  6. Travel Souvenirs – I’ve visited a lot of different countries and sometimes you can find the best gifts at local markets.  I’m still holding on to a napkin and place-mat set from Guatemala that I’m waiting to give the perfect person.

Do you collect gifts throughout the year or wait until a celebration to do all your shopping?

Head over to Money Saving Mom to see the savings that Crystal is sharing today.

Now it is your turn to share the simple ways that you save.  Share your link below or on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FrugalPhotoFriday.  All of the link-up details can be found here.

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19 Responses to Frugal Photo Friday: Save Money with a “Gift Box”

  1. We have a gift box in our closet. I love it! Kirk and I are major shoppers of the clearance department at Target. If we think it would make a great gift it goes in the box!
    Dorothy Butler-Landes recently posted..Leftover Salad

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  7. Shelly says:

    I like having gifts on hand too. So whenever I see a great deal I will pick it up and stash it away. I hate the stress of last minute shopping for a gift.
    Shelly recently posted..Freebies for Friday October 4th

    • Rebekah says:

      Shelly, do you find many gifts for adults that you hold on to? Mine are mostly for kids. For some reason I have a much harder time shopping for adults.

      • Shelly says:

        I agree adults are harder. I do have a few items I stock for gifts for adults. Slippers are usually a good one if you know who you are buying for at the time. My father-in-law looks forward to two new pairs a year. My mom-in-law like anything homemade for herself or her home so I usually try to make a few projects ahead of time and put them away for her. I also try to be good at asking discreetly about items someone might be wanting for the future and look for those items on sale too.
        Shelly recently posted..Homemade Sweet Treat, Cherry Cream Chocolates

        • Rebekah says:

          I love using a wish list to shop for people, but that makes it hard to shop ahead. I don’t get lists from family until October at the earliest! Good job on trying to ask earlier.

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  11. Molly says:

    Can u delete #22? I did it wrong. I will try again later, thanks.

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