Baby Bumps, Newborns, and Blessing Others

pregnancy photos

When I was pregnant with Noah I read the blog post 100 Ways to Bless a New Mom by Lisa-Jo Baker.  Without shame, I printed the full article and put it on my fridge.

Of course I wanted all who entered my home to read over the list and act out all 100 fabulous ideas (ha! Yeah, right!), but the real reason I printed it was to help me remember how to be a better blessing to new moms.

Two of Lisa-Jo’s ideas stood out to me ahead of the rest:

  • Make sure she’s actually in 1 out of every 1,000 photos she’s taking 
  • Always bring your camera when you visit

I am the photographer in my house.  If I want to have any pictures of myself with the kids in our family photo albums, I have to ask Nate to take a picture.  He always obliges, but he never thinks to do it on his own.  He just isn’t wired that way.

Since reading these ideas of how to bless new moms, I’ve made a point to take more pictures of my expecting friends and their new babies.


newborn photos



It is fun to bless others.  It is awesome to feel like you have made someone else’s day better.  Yet sometimes blessing others can feel like it comes with a financial burden. Taking these pictures only cost me a little time and some storage space on my iPhone.  It was 100% free, but these images captured priceless moments in time.

Thank you Merrilee, Emily, and Kristen for allowing me to take pictures of your beautiful baby bumps and adorable newborns.

How can you bless those around you with your talents?


    • Rebekah Hoffer says

      Thanks, Beth. You always have amazing photography on your blog so I really appreciate your compliment.

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