A Day In The Life Of…

Welcome to the Annual “A Day In The Life Of…” Link-Up!

In 2007 I was a wife with no children, working a full time office job, and my latest toy was a new digital camera.  Inspired by my new camera, I decided to document a day in my life through photography.

For one day on January 18, 2007 I carried my camera everywhere and I took one photograph each hour. My goal was to capture a picture every hour that would represent whatever I was doing at that moment.

Looking back, it is interesting to see how nearly everything in my life has changed – my job, my house, my family, and even the TV show I was watching that day is now off the air!

In 2010 I decided it was time to do another “Day in the Life of…” project and the annual link-up was born! Sometime during the month of January, pick a day to take your pictures, and then come back during the first week of February to join the link-up.  (The actual link-up date may change from year to year.  The 2014 link up will happen on: February 3rd.)

How it Works:

  • Pick a day and then start when you wake up & stop when you go to bed.
  • Set a timer to remind you to take a photograph each hour.  I like to set the alarm on my cell phone to go off each hour.
  • Don’t stress out about the artistic quality of the pictures. Even the simplest snapshots will create an interesting documentation of your day.
  • Post your pictures on your blog (along with as little or as much details about your day as you wish) and come back to SimplyRebekah.com during the first week of February to share your link with everyone!  The 2014 link-up will go live on: February 3rd.
  • Share the link to your actual post and not your homepage.
  • Link back to the “A Day in the Life of…” link-up in your post so others can enjoy looking through all the different days.
  • Feel free to grab an “A Day in the Life of…” button to use on your blog or in your posts!

This isn’t just for stay-at-home-moms! You don’t even need to be a woman!   :-)  The fun is in seeing a glimpse into a variety of different lives.

Need some Inspiration?

Pick a day, get out your camera & get ready to link up in February! I can’t wait to see how different all of our days are!

10 Responses to A Day In The Life Of…

  1. I love this!!! What a fabulous idea. I am going to bookmark this and put it on my calender so I can hopefully join in the fun! I will spread the word. Thank you so much! Blessings! :)

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  4. Link ups are SO much fun!
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  5. Audra says:

    Taking my pictures today!
    Audra recently posted..5 Things Breastfeeding Isn’t

  6. Nona says:

    I love the idea of a day in pics. Will do it tomorrow. Last day in Jan… just in time!!
    Nona recently posted..caterpiller birthday cake – a recipe

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