Rebekah & Family in May 2012

Simply Rebekah is about living a frugal lifestyle, taking green baby steps and all of life in between. Here is what you can expect:

Frugal: I love to share simple (and sometimes silly) ways that I strive to live a frugal lifestyle.  I hope that you can find inspiration in my Feelin’ Frugal posts.

Green: I believe that taking small steps towards a greener lifestyle can make a big difference in your health, your wallet and the world.  I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I hope you’ll join me in this going green journey.

Parenthood: Life for me right now is all about parenthood.  I am a stay at home mom to my two children, Grace & Noah.  I enjoy writing about the ups and downs of parenthood and always try to pass along anything helpful I may have learned along the way.

Simple & Freezer Friendly Recipes: My belief is that simplicity can be impressive!  We all want to knock the socks off our special dinner guests, girlfriends or mother-in-law.  I love finding recipes that can do just that, but aren’t a pain in the butt to pull off!  I’m also a huge fan of freezer cooking.  Whether it is a whole day event, batch cooking or doing some simple dinner prep like freezing browned hamburger, it can save you a ton of time.

Breastfeeding with Excess Lipase: Since becoming a mother, I have turned into a huge breastfeeding supporter.  My own breastfeeding story took a frustrating turn when I discovered I have the rare problem of excess lipase in my breast milk.  I started writing about my experience and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to help other women overcome their lipase issues.

Some of my favorite posts:

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About Rebekah:

  • In college I studied communications, video production and theater.
  • I fell head over heels in love with a wonderful man in college and now I feel lucky to be called his wife.
  • I have traveled the world doing missionary work, living with host families and seeing amazing sights.
  • I have a passion for Oreos that runs deep and I’m a reality TV junkie.

Simply put, this blog is simply me.  Simply Rebekah.