A Day in the Life of… 2016

a day in the life of...

This post contains affiliate links. Welcome to the 6th Annual “A Day in the Life of…” photography project! Every year on January 18th I take one picture every hour from the moment I wake up until I go to bed that night. I end up taking pictures of the ordinary – supper prep, cranky kids, trips the library, a cup of coffee, my computer screen. These ordinary pictures are actually quite extraordinary. They are my everyday. They are my here and my now. They are a day in my life. I feel like I’ve given myself an amazing gift to be able to look back at a typical day from the past years and see the changes from year to year. The gift of … [Read more...]

To The Heartbroken This Christmas

To The Heartbroken This Christmas

It feels like for every snowflake that falls, you shed a tear. Your heart is broken. Your spirit is crushed. And the weight of the world is practically pressing you down to your knees. And yet it is Christmas. The rest of the world is smiling, shopping, singing, and full of great cheer. Yet you are parentless, childless, jobless, or fighting a disease that refuses to die. It is Christmas and you are heartbroken. Your "to do" list continues just like everyone else. Shopping needs to be done. Presents need to be wrapped. Christmas cards are arriving, and you don't have the mental energy to get off the couch, so how in the world can you even … [Read more...]

$50 Amazon Gift Card – Christmas Giveaway Week

Enter to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

This post contains affiliate links. Yeah, Baby!! Christmas Giveaway Week!! All this week I've been introducing you to some great companies and giving you the chance to win some awesome stuff. I love giving you guys free stuff! Make sure you check out all the giveaways happening this week to throw your name in the hat for each of them! Links to all of the giveaways are at the end of this post. Day Five- Amazon Today's giveaway is sponsored by me! I really wanted to thank all of you for your support and your contribution to our little community. A lot has happened over the past year. I wrote a book. I started co-hosting the Sorta … [Read more...]

Child Training System from Character Badges – Christmas Giveaway Week

Enter to WIN a Character Badges Complete Set!

Whoo-hoo!! Christmas Giveaway Week!! Are you having as much fun this week as I am? Make sure you check out all the giveaways happening this week to throw your name in the hat for each of them! Links to all of the giveaways are at the end of this post. Day Four - Character Badges Character Badges is a child training system designed to encourage your child to acquire the habits of good behavior. It consists of a series of colorful charts, playful but meaningful badges, and a flexible reward system. Each part works together seamlessly to incentivize good behavior and discourage poor behavior. If you are looking for a way to focus … [Read more...]

Menstrual Cups from Blossom Cup – Christmas Giveaway Week!

Enter to win a reusable menstrual cup from Blossom Cup!

Three Cheers for Christmas Giveaway Week! Are you ready for another awesome giveaway? This one is a special giveaway just for the ladies! Whoo-hoo! Day Three - BlossomCup.com What is a Blossom Cup? This is how the Blossom Cup company describes the menstrual cup: "The Blossom menstrual cup is a healthy and conscious alternative to pads and tampons. Blossom Cup is a reusable silicone cup that collects your menstrual blood. Inserted like a tampon, Blossom Cup sits comfortably in your vagina and can be safely worn for up to 12 consecutive hours. Engineered for perfection, Blossom was developed to be the most comfortable and functional … [Read more...]

Necklace & Bracelet Set from Spark of Amber – Christmas Giveaway Week!

Giveaway from Spark of Amber

Whoo-hoo! It is Christmas Giveaway Week! The fun continues as we celebrate Christmas Giveaway Week!  Make sure you check in throughout the week to throw your name in the hat for each of the fabulous giveaways. Day Two - Spark of Amber Spark of Amber is your go-to store for beautiful, calming authentic handcrafted Baltic Amber jewelry. Teething necklaces and bracelets, and stunning jewelry for all ages--mother's bracelets, earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, rings! Plus they offer FAST and FREE delivery within the United States! My first experience with Spark of Amber was when I used their teething necklace with Noah. I was … [Read more...]

$50 Deborah & Co. Gift Certificate – Christmas Giveaway Week!

Deborah & Co. Giveaway!

Welcome to Christmas Giveaway Week! I am thrilled to introduce you to some wonderful companies this week. Each of them has sponsored a giveaway because they are totally awesome and so are you! Make sure you check in throughout the week to throw your name in the hat for each of these giveaways. Day One - Deborah & Co. Deborah & Co. is a store for ladies of all ages! You will find beautiful, modest clothing for women and girls as well as maternity wear and accessories, books, DVD's, princess dresses and much more! Personally, I own the cotton lace infinity scarf and the cotton lace scarf. I was genuinely surprised at the … [Read more...]

Let The Heavens Open: reflections on the Paris attacks

Reflections on the Paris attacks from a woman who lived in France after September 11th.

All day on Saturday my thoughts returned to France. I looked through my photo albums and skimmed through my old journal. My heart broke for the French nation after the vicious terrorist attacks that happened on Friday, and I couldn't shake the sadness as I thought of the friends I had made during my time in France. It was May 2002 when I boarded a plane for France. In my journal I made note of the increase in security at the airport due to the September 11th attack that happened less than a year prior. When I landed, I had prepared myself not to be well liked. My service training had explained all the ways that Americans and French were … [Read more...]

3 Fabulous Ways to Give Redbox Codes

I love these creative ways to give Redbox codes! And they are super affordable since they only cost $1.50 each!

Did you know that you can buy Redbox codes in bulk on their website? These inexpensive codes can then be given away and used for a free one-day rental. The Redbox promo codes cost $1.50 each, and you can buy them sets of 5, 10, 20, or 50. You can also purchase codes that are good for blu-ray or video game rentals, but those cost extra. Fabulous Ways to Give Redbox Codes 1. Prizes - I hosted a scavenger hunt recently, and I used Redbox codes for the prizes. What games or events do you have coming up? 2. Donations - I always struggle with coming up with good items to donate to auctions. I am not crafty enough to make something, rich … [Read more...]

It is BACK! (Get my top 10 picks for 2 days only!)

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

This past April I had the privilege of sharing with you the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. It was a complete library of carefully selected eBooks, eCourses, audios, online conferences, and printable packs designed to help you turn your house into a home… without all the overwhelm. Many of you took advantage of the offer this past spring, but I'm sure some of you were kicking yourself for passing it up. Or perhaps you are new to my blog and hadn't heard about the bundle. Boy oh boy! I've got some good news for you! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is BACK for 2 Days ONLY! What’s in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? Books covering all the … [Read more...]