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Our Little Girl’s Wedding Birthday Party

This post contains affiliate links. Last year Grace went through a phase where she was obsessed with watching my wedding video. She would watch it multiple times a week. Nate and I have seen our wedding video so many times … Continue reading

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10 Safer Bath and Body Products for You and Your Kids

Grace has fallen into the trap of kid marketing. She has started asking me to buy her junk at the grocery store that is decorated with her favorite cartoon characters. I don’t deprive my kids of treats, but there are … Continue reading

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10 Helpful Morning Routines From A Night Owl

Ever since I became a stay-at-home mom 5 years ago, I’ve enjoyed the luxury of ditching my alarm clock on most mornings. I set my alarm for church or other special events, but most of the time I wake up … Continue reading

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10 Affordable Housewarming Gifts

This post contains affiliate links. It is fun to bless someone with a housewarming gift, but it isn’t fun to break your budget trying to do it. Each of these affordable housewarming gifts will cost you less than $30, most … Continue reading

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Looking Back at 5 Years of Beach Vacation Blessings

My husband is the director of a nonprofit and one of the donors to the nonprofit has gifted us with a week at his beach house for the past 5 summers. I can’t get over how incredibly awesome that has … Continue reading

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