ePantry: an Online Source for Natural Products I Can Trust

ePantry: an online source for natural products I can trust (use this link to get $10 off)

The most important step I have taken towards natural living was to simply replace the products I am already using on a regular basis with something safer and more natural. Yes, it is wonderful to add supplements to your diet or use essential oils, but the first thing you should do is make sure that your current routines are safe and natural before you start adding new things to your routine. When I started my journey towards natural living, the first thing I did was buy the safest baby bath products that I could find. Then I concentrated on my cleaning products, and finally I moved on to my own bath products. I'm not making a perfect … [Read more...]

The Day the Natural Living Community Turned on Me

It is time to start celebrating the natural living and green baby steps of those around us!

Last May, Erin from The Humbled Homemaker shared a post I had written in 2010 about washing disposable swim diapers.  She has a large facebook following and the post took off like wild fire. The Facebook post received 1,113 likes, over 300 comments, and 3,932 shares. All of that attention on Facebook resulted in my highest blog traffic day ever up to that point. Over 16,000 different people visited my blog that day. Unfortunately, it wasn't all good news for me, because it was also the day the natural living community turned on me. The comments came pouring in... Many, many, MANY people thought that I was disgusting, an idiot, or … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Ditch Antibacterial Hand Soap and Switch to DIY Foaming Hand Soap

I ditched antibacterial hand soap years ago, and I haven’t missed it one bit. Find out why foaming hand soap is cheaper and healthier for your family.

I ditched antibacterial hand soap years ago, and I haven't missed it one bit! Instead of using antibacterial soap, I use regular soap and turn it into foaming hand soap. 5 Reasons to Ditch Antibacterial Hand Soap & Switch to DIY Foaming Hand Soap This post contains affiliate links. 1. Antibacterial hand soap isn't as safe as you think. The active ingredient in antibacterial soap is triclosan, which kills off good bacteria while creating "super bugs" at the same time. Watch the video below for more information. 2. Washing with regular soap and water is all you need. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding … [Read more...]

Recycling Bin in the Bathroom???

This post just convinced me to put a recycling bin in my bathroom. The two benefits she listed make so much sense!

This post contains affiliate links. A year ago I read the book Green Your Life by Emily McClements. In the book she suggested keeping a small recycling bin in the bathroom to make it easier to recycle empty bottles, toilet paper rolls, etc. I tried it and now I'm ready to report back on how it has been to keep a recycling bin in my bathroom. One Year of Bathroom Recyclables?! Instead of a bin, I've been using a large bag to collect the recyclables in our upstairs bathroom. I haven't emptied it since I put it under the sink a year ago. Is this what one year of bathroom recyclables really looks like? Honestly, I highly doubt that … [Read more...]

How to Make Homemade Bone Broth

Don't throw away those chicken or turkey bones! Instead you can easily make a healthy bone broth that you can use in a variety of recipes.

Last year I started to make my own chicken and turkey broth for the very first time. When Thanksgiving came around, I snatched up the turkey bones and made so much broth that I ran out of containers. I literally started to give it away to anyone that would take it. If I can do it, you can to! What is the difference between broth and stock? I've read that stock is made from the bones and broth is made from the meat. I've also read that broth is seasoned and stock is not. I don't think it matters what you call it, but for this post I'm calling it broth. Why make your own bone broth? The number one reason to make your own broth is so that … [Read more...]

How Clean is Your Drinking Water? {Berkey giveaway}

This post contains affiliate links. My dear beloved readers, today I am super jealous of you. Why? Because you have the chance to enter today's amazing giveaway and I'm not able to enter! I have teamed up with several bloggers from the Positively Real Media Network to give away a Berkey water filter. I have been wanting a Berkey water filter for a couple of years now. They are super well known in the "natural living bloggers" community and seem to be the best free-standing water filter out there. I want one! Since I don't own a Berkey myself (yet!), I'm going to turn things over to Positively Real Media to explain the benefits of a Berkey … [Read more...]

10 Safer Bath and Body Products for You and Your Kids

Unfortunately, we can't trust that every item on the store shelves is safe to use, but here are 10 safer bath and body products for you and your kids. This list covers hand soap, toothpaste, diaper rash cream, shampoo, and more. Trying out these suggestions would be a great first step towards more natural living.

Grace has fallen into the trap of kid marketing. She has started asking me to buy her junk at the grocery store that is decorated with her favorite cartoon characters. I don't deprive my kids of treats, but there are some things I don't want to buy. "Grace, I'm not going to buy that because it really isn't good for you." "If it isn't good for kids, why is it here?" "Some people still buy it and eat it even though it isn't good." I'm starting to lay down the foundation with Grace that not every item in the store is an item that is good for her. This is a concept all of us know and understand. I don't think many of us are fooled … [Read more...]

Say Goodbye to Allergies with Raw Local Honey

Does this natural alternative to medicine really work?

Can allergy symptoms be erased by something as simple as honey?  Can the sniffling, sneezing, and watery eyes be cured just by ingesting raw local honey everyday? One Family's Real Life Testimony Heather and her family moved to a new home and were surprisingly met with terrible seasonal allergies.  Heather suffered from watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, and a raw throat from all the drainage. During Heather's worst months she tried to keep her symptoms under control with: allergy eye drops multiple times a day prescription nasal spray once a day benadryl every 4-6 hours claritin or zyrtec daily Even with all of these … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Go Green While “Going” {including homemade toilet bowl cleaner}

Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Plus 4 More Ways to Go Green While "Going"

This post contains affiliate links. Whether you call it the john, throne, commode, or potty, we all have one and we use it multiple times a day.  An entire post dedicated to the toilet shouldn't be that big of deal.  Yet, I'm cringing a bit inside.  Ok.  Deep breath.  Let's do this.  Bring on the potty talk! 5 Ways to Go Green While... *ahem*  Going 1) "If it's yellow, let it mellow.  If it's brown, flush it down." - I've heard that saying before, but that is not a rule we follow in our house.  Honestly, pee left in the toilet grosses me out, but how much water could we save by skipping a flush every now and then? Newer toilets use … [Read more...]

Most Popular Posts of 2013 from Over 20 Bloggers

The Secret to Saving Money on a New Baby

Today I'm joining with several of my fellow natural living bloggers to bring to you a collection of our most popular posts from 2013.  The following list is divided into different categories, and it contains the top 2 most popular posts from more than 20 different bloggers.  Enjoy! Most Popular Posts of 2013 from Over 20 Bloggers (Mostly) Real Food Recipes Caramel Pecan Cups by The Ezer Wife Homemade Cajun Seasoning by Lexie:Naturals Keylime Cheesecake with Gluten-Free Crust by The Ezer Wife Slap Yo' Mama It's So Good Vegetable Beef Soup by Beauty in the Mess Premade Pancake Mix by The Homesteading Hippy How to Eat … [Read more...]