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Painting Just For The Sake of Painting

This post contains affiliate links. Please tell me that I’m not the only mom who struggles to do organized crafts with her kids.  We do a lot of drawing, coloring, singing, dancing, and reading in this house, but step-by-step crafts … Continue reading

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6 Simple Sanity Savers for When I Feel Like I’m Going to Lose My Mind

This post contains affiliate links. I’m not handling my stress well.  I can literally feel the tension in my body.  My shoulders are sore and my jaw is tight.  At times I can feel the anxiety squeezing my chest. Today … Continue reading

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Cutting Down on Clutter with Toy Rotation

I don’t mind toy clutter.  I really don’t.  Learning through play is my kids’ main job right now.  However, I can’t stand clutter from toys that my kids aren’t even playing with. Even worse is when my kids try to … Continue reading

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Curing Thrush with Gentian Violet

This post contains affiliate links. I first noticed the white stuff when Noah was nursing.  I thought it was some milk that had dribbled out onto his lips.  Then later when I buckled him into his carseat I saw it … Continue reading

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“Always-Put-Together Moms” Are a Lot Like My Kitchen

This post was originally published on September 16, 2011 as a guest post on Audra Michelle’s blog, Rediscovering Domesticity.  Audra has closed that blog and is starting over at  She has graciously allowed me to republish my guest post … Continue reading

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