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Family Photo July 2013

A family photo & some link love for ya! My lovely, little family went to a wedding this weekend for a college friend.  It. was. amazing.  My college roommate married a charming man from Kenya.  They beautifully merged their two cultures into the ceremony and reception.  My favorite part was the entire wedding party (bride & groom included!) dancing down the aisle to the sound of hand drums.  If you follow me on Instagram make sure you check out the Instavideos I posted of the … [Read more...]

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Mini Golf Date Night At The Beach

A family photo & some link love for ya! This picture is awesome for 4  reasons! We are on a date night while spending a long weekend at the beach. A stranger took this picture and it turned out great!  She must have read my post When a Stranger Asked You to Take Their Picture... I miraculously beat my husband at mini golf that night. Even more miraculous, I'm having a good hair day at the beach! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What They … [Read more...]

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Grace colored on our door with sidewalk chalk.

A family photo & some link love for ya! I should have figured out that Grace's sidwalk chalk art on our door last month had the potenial to be foreshadowing. "I color on walls!"  Those are four words you don't want to hear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Avoid Work-At-Home Mommy Guilt With These 10 Simple Activities For Kids - These ideas are good reminders for any mom on how to spice up your day. Don't Water the Weeds - Wow.  I am so … [Read more...]

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Father's Day 2012!

A family photo & some link love for ya! Happy Father's Day!  Grace is 2 years & 9 months old and Noah is almost 2 months old.  Did you miss my Mother's Day photo?  I posted it on my Facebook page in May.  ("Like" Simply Rebekah on Facebook for more family photos, personal updates, and frugal/green tips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I could not stop giggling after looking at this photo!  I kept picturing Grace doing that someday. "I want my … [Read more...]

A Documentary Worth A Watch: Every Little Step

Every Little Step

I was green with envy as I watched this enthralling documentary Every Little Step. Every Little Step follows the audition process for the Broadway revival of the Show A Chorus Line. It follows the auditions from the huge open calls all through the numerous call backs until the final cast is revealed.  Along the way the audience is introduced to the personal lives of the actors who are all hoping for their big break. The history of A Chorus Line is also explored in Every Little Step. The … [Read more...]

A Documentary Worth A Watch: Planet Earth


I love to travel.  L-O-V-E it!  God has blessed me with some amazing trips.  I love meeting new people and seeing how they live.  I love taking in the scenery and appreciating the unique landscapes.  I love that feeling of knowing that I’m standing in a place that I may never ever stand again.  The thing that I really love about the documentary series Planet Earth is that it takes all those things I love about traveling to the extreme. While watching Planet Earth you will see things that you … [Read more...]

3 Blogs Worth Reading


There are a lot of blogs out there that regularly post links to interesting articles or blog posts that they have been reading online.  Honestly, I rarely read what they recommend and I don't plan to start to have a regular recommended reading series on my blog.  However, there are some great things out there right now that I think are worth mentioning. Another New Season's Series Plan to EnJOY Christmas :: This blog is written by a personal friend of mine, Donna.  She got this great idea to … [Read more...]

Blog Reader 101

I started using a blog reader just a few months ago.  My friend Donna suggested that I use one because, “It will save you so much time!”  I thought, “Yeah, right!”  Well…yeah… she WAS right! What is a blog reader? A blog reader is a free online service that you can use to organize how you read online news and blogs.  Instead of going to several different sites each day, you can subscribe to those sites via your blog reader and read all of your new content on that one website.  It is kind of … [Read more...]

A Documentary Worth A Watch: The Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the single most popular suicide destination in the world.  In the riveting documentary, The Bridge, a film crew lead by Eric Steel set up their cameras along the neighboring banks and kept watch on the bridge day after day for an entire year.  Their goal was to capture the moments on film as these troubled souls ended their lives.  The Bridge takes a very honest look at suicide, the lives of the victims and the families that they chose to … [Read more...]

A Documentary Worth A Watch: God Grew Tired of Us


God Grew Tired of Us Imagine never using electricity and then being given your own apartment in the USA.  What questions would you have?  How many things would be completely foreign to you?    Perhaps one of my most favorite documentaries of all time, God Grew Tired of Us features the journey of several men from Sudan to the United States.  Thankfully these gentlemen have people to guide them.  Their first night in their apartment they are shown how to turn on lights, how to use the … [Read more...]