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I am so thankful for each of you that answered my reader survey. The results were really interesting, so let's dig in and talk about it. To all the brand new blog subscribers: I am happy to have you here! Many of you joined for The Just Clean Something Challenge. Please excuse me as we do a bit of housekeeping here and chat about the survey. Of course you are welcome to take the survey if you would like to chime in. Click here for the survey. Talk to me about you! Gender: 98% female - no shock there! Age: 41% 30-39 years old 22% 40-49 years old 14% 20-29 years old Children: 90% have children 36% have at least 1 child age … [Read more...]

The Big Reveal (and a look back at the past 5 years)


Today my precious blog turns 5 years old. I call my blog precious because it has been incredibly "life giving" to me over the past 5 years. This space and the community here has been a creative outlet for me while I have been home raising my children. It has been a comfort and support system to me as I've navigated life and motherhood. Plus it has been a financial blessing to our one-income family. Today, in honor of my 5 year anniversary, I am unveiling my new blog design. This look was created by the talented Mindy Harvey from Simply Designs. I have waited such a long time to hire a professional designer to give this space a makeover. … [Read more...]

Important Blog Announcement


Some big changes are coming to Simply Rebekah and the first one involves how I communicate with you. If you have signed up to receive my newest blog posts in your email inbox, this post is for you. First of all, thank you so much for signing up for emails with all of my latest content. I appreciate you allowing me to take up valuable real estate in your inbox. Now for the change... Previously I have been using a company called Feedburner to send automatically send out these emails to you. Later today I will be making the switch to a company called Mad Mimi. With Mad Mimi I will be able to customize my emails more and receive better … [Read more...]

How Clean is Your Drinking Water? {Berkey giveaway}

This post contains affiliate links. My dear beloved readers, today I am super jealous of you. Why? Because you have the chance to enter today's amazing giveaway and I'm not able to enter! I have teamed up with several bloggers from the Positively Real Media Network to give away a Berkey water filter. I have been wanting a Berkey water filter for a couple of years now. They are super well known in the "natural living bloggers" community and seem to be the best free-standing water filter out there. I want one! Since I don't own a Berkey myself (yet!), I'm going to turn things over to Positively Real Media to explain the benefits of a Berkey … [Read more...]

My Blog’s Biggest Secret

My Blog's Biggest Secret

This post contains affiliate links. I started this blog in December 2009. Only a few short months later I wrote a post that changed my blog in ways that I could have never imagined. Suddenly this blog became bigger than a place for me to share my thoughts on saving money and living a natural life. It became a lifeline to women desperately searching for answers to the devastating question "why does my breast milk taste bad?". It all started because my 5 month old daughter, Grace, refused to take a bottle when I was gone. I was frustrated. My husband was frustrated. Babysitters were frustrated and poor little Grace was very … [Read more...]

8 Books I Want to Read Today


On Thursday I told you about the sale that I just couldn't keep to myself.  I shared with you all the details of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, all 80+ ebooks & resources and the $200 worth of bonuses. Today I want to highlight 8 of the eBooks that stood out to me. I heart freezer cooking. Just this week I made a creamy Mexican chicken crockpot dish that I popped in the freezer and 2 batches of pizza tot casserole. I would love to see the recipes in No Cook Freezer Meals. We are sending Grace to preschool next year and boy did I struggle to pick one! I decided not to go with the 3-day, more academically focused option. … [Read more...]

After a long debate, I just can’t keep this to myself…

Honestly, I debated whether or not I should write this post, but in the end I decided that I just can't keep this sale to myself.  I simply have to tell you about it.  Why? Because it is a crazy good deal. Because it is full of some really awesome books. Because if you don't have an interest in some of the books then you can give them away and that is just an awesome way to bless someone else. Because the bonuses this year are phenomenal. Because you expect me to share fabulous deals and tips with you and this certainly falls under that category! So with all that said, I am excited to tell you...  By popular demand, 100+ homemaking … [Read more...]

My 10 Most Popular Posts of All Time

Free Cleaning Checklist You Can Customize

Every year I enjoy sharing my most popular posts from the year.  However, this year I have had such an large increase in new readers that I thought it would be fun to share my most popular posts of all time. I appreciate each of you for spending some of your down time with me here at Simply Rebekah.  It means a lot to have you as part of this community.  Whether these posts are new to you or oldies you remember, I humbly thank you in advance for sharing your favorites on Facebook or pinning them on Pinterest. Simply Rebekah's 10 Most Popular Posts of All Time 10. Feelin' Frugal: Washing Disposable Swim Diapers - Stretch your next … [Read more...]

5 Easy Christmas Decorating Tips

Hand Painted Joy to the World Sign

Today's guest post and giveaway comes from my real life friend, Sarah.  Sarah runs an amazing home decor blog called Church Street Designs.  She has a knack for decorating that I simply do not have.  Sarah also sells hand painted signs in her Church Street Designs etsy shop.  It is a privilege to have her share some of her Christmas decorating secrets.  Plus she is giving away one of her beautiful signs.  Lucky you! 5 Easy Christmas Decorating Tips We all want a touch of "magic" when it comes to decorating our house for Christmas. We all page through the Better Homes and Gardens magazines or scroll through countless blogs of perfect, … [Read more...]

Can Crunchy Mamas Love Disposable Diapers? {giveaway}

Can Crunchy Mamas Love Disposable Diapers?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Honest Company. Can we acknowledge the elephant in the room for a moment?  Yes, I claim to be a green blogger.  No, I don't use cloth diapers.  Can I be a crunchy mama and a lover of disposables??? I have two little ones and when I was pregnant with my first, I did consider cloth diapers.  I had several close girlfriends who were using them and loving them, but I just wasn't convinced cloth diapers were for me.  Our laundry situation was not ideal for cloth diapers. Plus at the time I was able to buy disposables at a really good discount.  Ultimately, I felt like I had a lot of … [Read more...]