I was Nervous About Becoming a Wife, but Then…

wedding kiss

**Make sure you read all the way to the end of this post because I have a special gift I created just for you! Keep reading to find out how to snag it.** On our wedding day, Nate and I wrote letters to each other that we read during the service. In my letter I admitted that becoming someone's wife was a bit intimidating. Being a wife was for older women, women wearing aprons and making a roast for Sunday dinner. I was just a girl! Being married has been wonderful, but I wasn't completely wrong to be intimated. Real life can be intimidating. Add a couple of babies on top of it and then... …laundry, diapers, stretch marks, and … [Read more...]

14 Podcasts I’m Seriously Digging {sorta awesome podcast 04}

Podcasts I'm Seriously Digging

Hi. My name is Rebekah and I am addicted to podcasts. In June 2013 I wrote about my love for podcasts, but in that post I only shared 4 podcasts that I was digging at the time. Well honey, I am listen to way more than 4 podcasts these days. If you haven't jumped onto the podcast listening band wagon, then now is the time! First things first.... What is a podcast? Simply put, it is an audio program that you can listen to at any time on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also subscribe to be notified of new episodes. There are podcasts for all kinds of different subjects and audiences. Think of it as blogging in audio … [Read more...]

Are you drowning in dirty dishes, laundry, or cleaning?

Are you drowning in laundry, dishes, or cleaning? There is hope!

This post contains affiliate links. If you ever hang out on my Facebook page, then you have heard me singing the praises of the home management class that I took this winter. The class really was fantastic. Holly Dvorak, the teacher, did a fantastic job of breaking down all the tasks that moms have to juggle and presenting solutions for each of them. We discussed laundry, meal planning, scheduling, paying bills, and so much more. Again and again Holly reminded the class that the key to surviving the chaos is to manage the mundane. Chaos in your house might be when the kids get sick, sports season starts, overnight guests are coming, or … [Read more...]

I Need New Friends {sorta awesome podcast 01}

Sorta Awesome Podcast - a fun celebration of all things in life that are sorta, amazingly awesome!

My best friend and I used to spend hours and hours talking into a portable tape recorder as we were growing up. Each sleepover consisted of Emily, me, and our tape recorder. The three of us were inseparable. Kinda weird? Yeah, maybe. Fast forward a couple decades and here I am recording my voice once again. This time I'm hoping that more than just Emily will be listening on the other end. I'm hoping that you will listen! My dear friend Megan Tietz just launched her brand new weekly podcast, and I am thrilled to be one of her regular co-hosts. For anyone who doesn't know, a podcast is a recorded audio program that you can listen to on … [Read more...]

13 Things I Want You to Know About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding advice from a mom with 4 years of breastfeeding experience.

I nursed my children for a combined total of 48 months. That is 4 solid years of breastfeeding experience! In that time I learned just how beautiful breastfeeding can be. I also learned a lot about the technical and emotional side of nursing a baby. From thrush to pumping to weaning, here is a collection of important things I've learned about breastfeeding. 13 Thing I Want You to Know About Breastfeeding 1. Pain while nursing could be thrush. - Does your baby have white patches inside their mouth? Do they have a diaper rash that won't go away? Are your nipples sore? Those symptoms could mean that you, your baby, or both of you have thrush. … [Read more...]

Fast, Easy, and Cheap DIY Easter Centerpiece

DIY Easter Centerpiece

I have barely decorated my house for spring or Easter this year, but I was inspired when I saw this picture from Bonni of Mom By Example. The concept is simple, the supplies are cheap, and it takes barely any time at all to pull it together. DIY Easter Centerpiece This post contains affiliate links. Step 1: Buy jellybeans for your kids' Easter baskets, hide it where they can't find it, and eat some every time you walk past the hiding spot. Step 2: Realize that nothing compares to Starburst jelly beans and decide that the generic jellybeans you bought can be used for your Easter centerpiece. Step 3: Gather your supplies. You'll need … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Ditch Antibacterial Hand Soap and Switch to DIY Foaming Hand Soap

I ditched antibacterial hand soap years ago, and I haven’t missed it one bit. Find out why foaming hand soap is cheaper and healthier for your family.

I ditched antibacterial hand soap years ago, and I haven't missed it one bit! Instead of using antibacterial soap, I use regular soap and turn it into foaming hand soap. 5 Reasons to Ditch Antibacterial Hand Soap & Switch to DIY Foaming Hand Soap This post contains affiliate links. 1. Antibacterial hand soap isn't as safe as you think. The active ingredient in antibacterial soap is triclosan, which kills off good bacteria while creating "super bugs" at the same time. Watch the video below for more information. 2. Washing with regular soap and water is all you need. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding … [Read more...]

My Love Story: The Happily Ever After {chapter 13}

My Love Story

This is the story of how my crush became my husband. It was a pleasure to share this story with you in 2013, but today I'm adding an extra chapter! Do you want to read my real life love story from the beginning?  Start here with The Window. I owe you a big apology.  Recently, we signed up for Netflix. I love a good drama, but for some reason I have been pulled to romantic movies. After watching my fair share over the past two months, I have come to realize that many of them end rather abruptly. There is a lot of build up between the leading lady and the leading male, there is some kind of conflict, and then the movie ends with their … [Read more...]

Threatened by a Telemarketer

Telemarketer calls can be annoying, but what about when they are threatening? Have you ever been threatened by a telemarketer?

This post was originally published on Oct. 27, 2010. Just a wild guess, but I doubt this phone call was recorded for quality assurance. RING-RING I answer the phone, "Hello." A woman answers me and explains that she is doing a fire safety survey.  "This is not a sales call." Ok.  Whatever. "Do you have a fire alarm or smoke detector in your home?" "Yes" "Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home?" "No"  Hmm...  Maybe we should buy one of those! "Do you own your home?" "Yes" "In case of an emergency, which of the following is the biggest concern for you: fire in the home, break-in, medical emergency, all … [Read more...]

13 Baby Products That Might Not Be On Your Radar …But Totally Should Be!

Just imagine that we are sitting on my couch and I’m sharing with you all the things I wish I had known when I was creating my baby registry. These are 13 baby products you want to make sure to have on your registry.

You are thinking about your baby registry and you are stressing the heck out! The list you got from the store has approximately 1 billion suggestions on it. You know you don't need all of it. You know they are trying to sell you stuff so of course they are telling you to register for 20 crib blankets. You know that much, but what you don't know is what you actually need and what you don't. So you are freaking out and having a breakdown in the Babies R Us bathroom. Oh wait. Maybe that was just me when I was pregnant with my first baby. True story. I am here to take some of the mystery out of your baby registry. First of all, let me tell you … [Read more...]