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10 Religious Easter Basket Ideas


Add some extra meaning to your Easter baskets with these Christian gift ideas.

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Chocolate bunnies and jelly beans are great, but the reason we celebrate Easter in my house is because of Jesus!  If you are looking for something with a religious theme to add to your Easter baskets along with the peeps, this is the post for you.

10 Religious Easter Basket Ideas:

1. Bible – You can find Bibles appropriate for any age.  In our house we own and love Baby’s First Bible.  It is a board book with 2-3 sentence versions of popular bible stories and a few bible verses.  Recently we were gifted The Jesus Storybook Bible and l-o-v-e it!!  This is an amazing way to read the Bible to children.  The stories are shared in ways that kids can understand and will keep their attention.  I can’t speak highly enough of this book.

2. Bible Cover – Do you use a special case for your Bible?  I don’t, but I can see the advantage of using them.  Especially for kids!

3. Christian Music – This year I am buying a Seeds Family Worship CD for Grace.  We have their sampler CD and it is a favorite of hers.  The upbeat lyrics for each song are taken straight from scripture.  By naturally learning the words to the songs, we are actually memorizing Bible verses!  I’m not very good at describing music, but I will say this: it isn’t annoying.  Kid’s music can be so annoying sometimes, right??  Well, this isn’t.  I enjoy listening to it.  A lot.

4. Coin Purse – Remember those plastic coin purses that you squeeze the sides to open it’s “mouth?”  I am going to try to find one for Grace to use for her Sunday school offering. But these recycled coin purses are way cuter!  Hmm.  Which should I get?

5. Jewelry – There are so many fun pieces of christian jewelry available these days.  When I was a kid it was just cross necklaces and WWJD bracelets.  Now you can get cool pieces from shops like The Vintage Pearl and DaySpring.

10 Religious Easter Basket Ideas

6. Daily Devotional – We’ve been using The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers with Grace this year.  I’m really impressed with it.  The stories are short, but explain the foundations of the Christian faith.  Each day has a story, Bible verse, and short prayer.  Of course you can find devotionals for any age group, but if you have a preschooler in your house I highly recommend this one.

7. Sticker Books & Coloring Books – Visit your local Christian book store or check Amazon to find a collection of sticker books and coloring books that go beyond bunnies and baby chicks.  I like that this Easter Sticker Books has reusable stickers.  (UPDATE: I ordered that sticker book for Grace.  I thought the stickers would be similar to window clings, but they are regular stickers.  They come on and off the pages easily, but they will lose their stickiness over time.  Not what I was expecting.  Grace still had fun with it though.)

8. What’s In The Bible DVDs – These fun videos are made by Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales.  He explains complex issues and Bible stories in a way kids can understand.  They are filled with puppets, songs, and humor.  What’s In The Bible Vol. 10 was just released.  It is the first video of the New Testament.  I haven’t’ seen it (yet!!), but I do own several other volumes.

9. Bookmark – A variety of religious themed bookmarks could be found at any Christian book store or you could make your own.  I love the idea of picking out a special verse for your child and using it on a bookmark.  Stacy from A Delightful Home has a cute tutorial on how to make bookmarks from old jeans.

10. Chocolate Cross Enough said, right?   🙂

For even more religious Easter basket ideas, read 20 Christian Easter Basket Ideas.

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Do you try to include something religious in your Easter baskets?  What ideas do you have?

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  1. I am a big fan of adding books to the basket. This year Abby will be receiving What Is Easter? By: Michelle Medlock Adams to share with her brother.

  2. Love these ideas! This year I am adding scriptures to my Easter candy in my kids baskets. For example, I included a chocolate lamb with a scripture about Christ being the Lamb of God and a chocolate fish with a scripture about Him making us fishers of men. I also have a tradition of making an Easter dinner for my family where all the foods are symbolic and teach the Easter story. If you’re interested, you can find all the details on my blog. Here’s a link to the post: http://fhelessons.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/passover-inspired-easter-dinner/
    Thanks so much for the great ideas!

  3. Jelly Beans in the egg in the colors that you do a gospel bracelet. Then at that can get one of those too 🙂

  4. My grandsons (age 4) love the folding cubes that tell the Easter story. I saw them at Lifeway this year.

      1. They are called “Evangicubes” I think. They are cubes that fold around in to different scenes of Easter story…Jesus hanging on the cross folds into the the tomb with soldiers, it folds to the empty tomb with angels, etc. It is really a witness tool but my grandsons love the one we have had for years. I was happy to find them their own for this Easter. One grandson asked me to tell him the story five or six times during an overnight visit last week!

        1. I can see how that would be great for kids. My daughter is 3.5 years old and I realized how complicated the Easter story can be when I tried to explain it to her this year. I’m not even sure if she really knows what death means and that is kind of an important part of the Easter story. 🙂

  5. I would include an “empty” egg. When the kids scream it’s empty, remind them of the empty tomb and how Jesus lives!

    1. I remember one year when I was in Children’s Church we filled an egg carton of plastic eggs with items that tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. There were 3 dimes in an egg to represent 30 pieces of silver and things like that. One was empty to represent the empty tomb.

  6. I love these ideas! This year each of our kiddos is getting a devotional kids bible. We also got as a family a worhship CD and a book about the meaning of Easter 🙂

  7. What wonderful ideas. I love the coin purse idea. I remember having one for my Sunday School offering when I was little. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You had me until the chocolate cross. I can’t eat the symbol of Christ’s supreme act of love. It just never seemed appropriate to me. All the other things sound terrific!

  9. “What’s in the Bible”? Is good, we have a few, but the BEST Christian Video for young kids is Bible Plays!!! They are GREAT!

    1. That is a good idea! I’m sure I could search online to see what all the colors are suppose to mean, right?

  10. Thank you for putting together such a great list. I have been drawing a blank on what to put in the Easter basket this year (besides candy of course!!). I’m going to pin this post so I can hopefully remember to look at it next year to refresh my memory 🙂

    1. I’m happy to help, Katie. Thank you so much for pinning my post. Pinterest has been very helpful for getting more traffic to my blog. I’m always happy to have something pinned! 🙂

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