4 Ways to Avoid Spam When Requesting Freebies

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how keeping an eye out for high value coupons is worth your time even if you aren’t a coupon lover.  One reader asked this great question:

“I love coupons.  You inspire me, but you know what I hate?  Junk mail. How do you find all these deals without getting  junk snail & email?”

Excellent question! 

Here are 4 ways to avoid unwanted advertising while signing up for online deals:

1)      Create an email account just for online deals.  Personally, I have 3 email accounts.

  • The first one is for my personal email.
  • I never check the second one.  I use that one when an online deal requires an email address, but I really never want to hear from them again.
  • The third email account is for junk mail that I want to read.  For example: I love to use Snapfish.com.  They often send out coupon codes that I want to know about, but I don’t want their emails cluttering up my personal email account.  I also use the third email account for placing orders online, Craigslist listings and Freecyle.

2)      Only sign up for freebies and samples from reliable sources. There are some “freebie sites” that require a membership to see their their complication of online deals.  Don’t give out your personal information to any website that requires a membership in order to access freebie information.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  There are many great blogs out there that will tell you about all the latest deals without requiring you to become a “member.”

3)      Provide only the required information. If your birthday is being requested, but it isn’t required then just leave that blank.  If you don’t feel comfortable submitting your phone number then use (555)555-1234.

4)      Look out for “pre-checked” boxes. When you are filling out an online form, if there is an option that automatically has been checked for you , chances are you will want to UN-check that box.  Usually those options are for follow-up surveys, promotion notifications or newsletters, which will result in unwanted emails.

Personally, I don’t think signing up for online deals has increased my spam or junk mail.  When I get free samples in the mail, that is all that I ever get from that company.  I haven’t noticed an increase in snail mail junk.  Also, by using the tips above my email spam is very manageable.  Creating a separate email account and looking out for “pre-checked” boxes is really key to cutting down on inbox clutter!

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  1. I love my extra email account. I get a TON of junk mail but only there. So I ignore it. I go through and delete it all about once per month.

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