40% Off FabFitFun (You need this blanket!)

FabFitFun Winter Box with UnHide Blanket 40% off

If you have been waiting to try FabFitFun, now is the time to splurge on yourself and order a box! There are 2 huge reasons why you should order the FabFitFun Winter box today.

The first reason why you should order today is because the Winter box is 40% off for new customers – making it only $29.99 shipped. It is pretty easy to find a discount code for $10 off, but 40% off is rare. The Winter box will sell out, so don’t wait to order.

The second reason why you should order a Winter box is because of the Unhide blanket. Ever since I found out about the UnHide throw blanket is being offered in the Winter box, I have not been able to shut up about it. It truly is worth the cost of the box all on its own.

This post contains affiliate links.

Ready to snag a box right now? Sign up here and use promo code LASTCALL40 at checkout to receive 40% off your Winter box. Need more information? Keep reading!

What is FabFitFun?

Is is a subscription service that sends out seasonal boxes filled with 8-10 quality, full size items related to beauty, health, wellness, home, and fashion. Each box is worth $200+, which means you are able to try these items at a steep discount.

Signing up for my very first box was a fun process. They asked me a ton of questions about my style preferences and sizes. They also asked me what kinds of things I am the most excited to receive in my box.

I incorrectly assumed that boxes were 100% a surprise, but I was given the chance to customize my box. Customers are able to customize 3 items, and then the rest of the 5-7 items are a surprise.

UnHide Blanket in FabFitFun Winter Box

What is so great about the blanket?

The Unhide Lil’ Marshmallow blanket was included in my Winter 2019 box. It is a faux fur blanket that is incredibly soft. The retail value of the blanket is $65, which is already less than the usual $49.99 FabFitFun price.

My family started fighting over the blanket as soon as we got it in 2019, so when I heard that it was included in this Winter’s box, I knew I had to buy another one.

As an affiliate for FabFitFun, they sent me a box for free. However, I wasn’t able to customize the box like a normal customer would, and I wasn’t sent the blanket.

Right away I used my own money to purchase an additional Winter box at full price ($49.99) just so I could have another Unhide blanket. It really is that good.

When you use the promo code LASTCALL40 for 40% off, you’ll get the $65 value blanket for only $29.99. Plus, the box has an additional 7 other full size items!

Order your FabFitFun Winter Box here.

Do I have to order the blanket?

No. You’ll be given the choice of the blanket and a few other items. When my affiliate company sent me a box, instead of the blanket I was sent a robe. It is also incredibly soft, and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

Tip: If you pick the robe, consider sizing up. I am a size medium, and my robe is just a tad small.

FabFitFun Winter Box is 40% off
Reminder: These are the items that came in the 2 boxes I recieved. The winter box comes with 8 items.

Besides the blanket, what kinds of things come in a FabFitBox?

  • haircare
  • skincare
  • makeup
  • fitness
  • wellness
  • jewelry
  • bags, clutches, totes
  • other fashion accessories
  • tech accessories
  • home
  • cooking
  • snacks
  • DIY/crafts
  • productivity & career items
  • organization

Between the 2 Winter boxes I recieved, I was sent: (This is not a full list of all possible items in the Winter box. Boxes will vary)

  • UnHide Lil’ Marshmallow Blanket ($65)
  • Summer & Rose Cozy Robe ($70)
  • Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm ($68)
  • Lucky Brand Solid Brushed Scarf ($69.50)
  • ILIA Beauty Limitless Lash Mascara ($28)
  • Laura Geller Cinnamon + Spice Eyeshadow Palette ($45)
  • TULA SKINCARE Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm ($30)
  • Epare Cutting Board Set of 4 ($19.95)
  • dpHUE APple Cider Vinegar Dry Shampoo Powder ($24)
  • Wish Lip Scrub in Vanilla Bean ($20)
  • Paradox Lucky Stars Blemish Patches ($18)
  • Daily Concepts Daily Facial Dry Brush ($20)
  • nOir Jewelry Ombre Leopard Scrunchies ($25)
  • Londontown Get Well Nail Recovery ($20)

How does FabFitFun work?

When you sign up using this link and the promo code LASTCALL40, your first box will be 40% off. Yay!! You will automatically be signed up to receive seasonal boxes at the regular $49.99 per box price. If you decide not continue your subscription, you should have plenty of time to cancel since the boxes are only sent out 4 times a year and not monthly.

Excellent Gift Idea

As you can see from the lists above, the FabFitFun boxes come packed! They would make an excellent gift to yourself. Do something fun for yourself! I did. 😉

You can also give the box as a gift. During the checkout process, you have the option to send the box to another address. Who could you surprise with a box of fun?

Or you could split up the items and give them as separate gifts. Save these goodies for birthdays or Christmas! Are there coworkers, girlfriends, or sisters in your life that would enjoy some self-care from a FabFitFun box?

Ready to sign up?

Join FabFitFun today! Use code LASTCALL40 at checkout and get 40% off. This offer expires when the boxes sell out, so order yours today!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I may make a commission. This sale is scheduled to end 1/26/21 at 11:59 PM PST or when they are sold out.

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