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5 Ways Having a Baby is Easier the 3rd Time Around (and one big way it is harder)

5 Ways Having a Baby is Easier the 3rd Time Around (and one big way it is harder)

It is completely natural for new moms to be nervous, yet hopeful when having their first baby. (I certainly was!) The thought of having more than one child may seem insanely difficult to a first time mom, but for myself, having a baby was easier the 3rd time around.

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5 Ways Having a Baby is Easier the 3rd Time Around

(and one big way it is harder)

1) I had experience giving birth. – My first baby had a fast and natural birth. My second baby was a breech birth via c-section. No matter which way things went with baby number three, I had already walked through both options. No two births are ever the same, but it was comforting to have a baseline of knowledge with both options.

2) I could trust my instincts. – As I was getting ready to leave the doctor’s office after my first born’s very first office appointment, I nervously asked the nurse, “Is there a number I can call if I have any questions?”

“Questions about what in particular?”

“Umm… Anything, I guess.”

In that moment I was pretty much asking her, “You are going to let me go home and raise this baby?!? How the heck do I do THAT???”

While I wasn’t truly cluess, I felt like I was. Now after having 3 babies, I know that I’m not clueless. My husband and I have good parenting instincts. I can trust them. And if I ever have my doubts, I can talk to trusted friends and family. I don’t need to call the doctor.

5 Ways it is Easier to have a Baby the 3rd Time Around

3) I don’t need to research everything. – I have done a lot of research over the years. Learning about the importance of using natural products was a big deal for our family. We are not perfect at natural living. (Hello, Oreos. You know I love you!) But I have my favorite products that we use, and it feels good to not need to research every little thing.

4) Products have improved over the last several years. – Baby gear just keeps getting better and better.

I completely abandoned receiving blankets with my third baby, and opted for larger muslin blankets or swaddle blankets.

Pampers Pure

Plus, my go-to diaper brand came out with a brand new diaper and wipe collection that offers parents a product that combines premium cotton, soft plant-based fibers, and other thoughtfully selected materials. Pampers Pure Protection diapers are made without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens or natural rubber latex.

5) I have older kids. – Siblings are the best playmates. Not only does it make my heart burst to see my children playing together, it also means that I don’t have to be the primary playmate. Of course I still spend quality time with my children, but when they are entertaining each other, I am able to tend to other responsibilities.

Plus, my children watch out for each other. We have struggled to find a baby gate that works with our 160 year old banister. If my third baby ever does toddle up the first step, his siblings are quick to get him back down. (I think they like the power of being the ones to say no sometimes. haha!)

5Ways it is Easier having a baby the 3rd time around (and one big way it is harder)

One Big Way it is Harder

1) I have older kids. – Yes, the older children are a huge blessing, but they also are my biggest challenge.

My older children are in school, which means that school dictates the baby’s sleeping and eating schedule more than I would like. I hate having to wake up a sleeping baby for school drop off. It is not fun to coordinate nap times around half day kindergarten. We make it work, but I miss the flexibility of completely open schedules before my children were in school.

Also, there are moments when I struggle to meet everyone’s needs. Multiple kids mean multiple requests for food, snuggles, a listening ear, help with XYZ, and quality time. Usually I am able to balance it all, but there are times when it is impossible.

Has adding to our family been worth all the highs and lows? Most definitely! I would love to hear if you can relate.

5 Ways Having a Baby is Easier the 3rd Time Around (and one big way it is harder)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers Pure at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine. This post contains affiliate links.


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