7 Ways to Stay Warm Without Spending a Fortune

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Holmes Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Stay warm this winter without spending a fortune on heating costs.

Winter heating bills can be brutal! This year I’m trying a few new things to help me stay warm without spending a fortune. Take a peek at the fun video I put together to learn all about what I’m doing, including my new Holmes Smart Console Heater.

7 Ways to Stay Warm Without Spending a Fortune (video highlights)

1. Clean Your Oven – Ovens get a ga-trillion degrees (???) with the self cleaning feature.

2. Hot Drinks – Besides my beloved coffee, chai tea is my favorite.

3. Open Your Oven – After you are done with the oven, crack open the door to let out the warmth.

4. Heavenly Blankets – Get one.

5. Slippers – Trust me. Cold feet are not happy feet.

6. Wait to Turn Up the Heat – The longer you wait in the morning, the more money you save.

7. Holmes Smart Heater – You can control it from your smartphone. Amazing!

holmes smart heater

holmes smart heater

This Holmes Smart Heater really is pretty cool. I mean hot. Err… You know what I mean. When Holmes offered to send me one, I jumped on it. Oil heat is expensive and we have really old radiators in our house. Plus there is just one thermostat for the entire house, which means that the upstairs never feels very warm.

Holmes Smart Heater App The coolest feature of the heater is that I can control it from my smartphone. I can turn it on or off and adjust the temperature without ever needing to get out from underneath my blanket! You can the Holmes Smart Console Heater and the rest of their smart appliances on their website.

What are your favorite ways to stay warm without spending a fortune?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Holmes Products, but all opinions and silly video content is 100% mine.

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  1. I cheat. We heat with wood that we get for free. So all I pay for is the electricity to run the blower on the furnace (forced hot air). I tend to keep the house at 74 degrees all winter. I don’t think I can ever go back to having to pay for heat. lol

    1. Julie, that sounds heavenly! I can’t imagine having my house that warm. It just isn’t possible to afford it! 🙁

      1. Yup. It is nice. Except for when we aren’t home or over night. You try to make it warm at night and it ends up 80 at midnight but 60 by morning. Or gone for the day and it’s 55 when we get home. Takes forever to warm up. I wear slippers most the winter. Forced hot air is not the best heating option out there but cheaper than switching over to a wood boiler since, well, we already own the furnace we have. 😉

  2. you can also open your dishwasher door after it has run steam heat is the best heat. And leave the
    dryer door open when it has run & burn candles for a little heat too.

      1. Not silly! Moccasins. Maybe the proper way to shorten it is moccs…oops!

        I have a pair of soft soled Minnetonka moccasins (that I found for 1/2 off a few months ago!) They’re so comfy and cozy!

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