A Day in the Life Of… Rebekah from 2007!


For one day on January 18, 2007 I carried my camera everywhere and I took one photograph each hour. My goal was to capture a picture every hour that would represent whatever I was doing at that moment.

Life was a lot different back then!  I was working full time as an administrative assistant at a travel agency.  My hubby and I were living in an apartment & enjoying our child-free lifestyle.  I’ll be doing another “A Day in the Life of…” photography day next week and I can’t wait to see how different January 2007 is from January 2011!

A Day in the Life of Rebekah – January 18, 2007

8:00 Am – Getting my lunch out of the fridge and running late for work.  (Yeah, I was suppose to be there at 8 AM.  Thankfully, I only worked a few blocks away.)

9:00 AM – Typing up names to print on the front of ticket jackets (special folders to hold airplane tickets).

10:00 AM – In the mail room talking to a coworker while working on UPS shipments.

11:00 AM – Working in the software program used to issue plane tickets.

12:00 PM – Asking a coworker about one of the planet tickets she issued.

1:00 PM – Standing in the check out line at the Ten Thousand Villages warehouse sale during my lunch hour.

2:00 PM – Handing a coworker yellow invoices for her to sort through & organize.  (I think she was trying to lean out of my picture. 🙂 )

3:00 PM – Gathering paychecks to send to the other offices via FedEx.

4:00 PM – Stapling plane tickets together at my desk.

5:00 PM – At my desk packaging together more tickets.  (See!  I might have gotten to work late that day, but at least I wasn’t rushing out the door right at 5:00!)

6:00 PM – Eating chips and watching The OC, which I had previously recorded.

7:00 PM – Showing Nate our wedding album, which just arrived.

8:00 PM – Working on a puzzle in the living room.

9:00 PM – Still working on the puzzle and watching Nanny 911 with Nate.

10:00 PM – In bed for the night!  (By the way, Nate doesn’t actually sleep with that hat on.)

I can guarantee that I will not be working on a puzzle for two hours this time around!!!

I need to give a big thank you to my graphic designer for the awesome “A Day in the Life of…” button!  Donna from AnotherNewSeason.com created it and I hear she can make custom buttons for you too!   😉

Will you join me in capturing an hour by hour snapshot of your day? Pick a day, take some pictures & come link up your post on February 1st!  Don’t forget that this isn’t just for bloggers & mommies!  Click here for more details.


    1. Nony, I would love for you to join the project! If you look back at my photos you can only see my face in one of them. A good hair day is not necessary. 🙂

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