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Welcome to the “A Day in the Life of…” photography project!  By taking one picture every hour for one day, you create an awesome hour by hour snapshot of your day.  I hope you enjoy my pictures and I look forward to seeing yours!

A Day in the Life of Rebekah – January 18, 2011

8:00 AM – Snuggling with Grace in bed.  We aren’t morning people.  Can you tell?  Some day she is going to hate me for posting this picture.

9:00 AM – Updating my Facebook status.  (By the way, have you “liked” Simply Rebekah’s new Facebook page?)

10:00 AM – Heating up some of my frozen breast milk to put in Grace’s oatmeal.  This morning she had applesauce & cinnamon mixed in her oatmeal.  Yummy!!

11:00 AM – Reading books with Grace.  Yeah, she is still in her jammies.  That’s just how we roll.

12:00 PM – Grace is napping & I’m filling up my brand new cleaning bottles.  I’m loving this organic cleaner I got from Shaklee for Christmas.

1:00 PM – I just finished changing a diaper.  Grace was thrilled. Why do kids act like they wanted to keep that poop forever???

2:00 PM – I’m gathering up the hundreds of children’s books I need to return to the library while talking on the phone to Donna.

3:00 PM – We finally made it to the library!

4:00 PM – Grace is down for her second nap and I decided to take advantage of that time by reading a book in bed.  I wasn’t feeling well the day before and although I was feeling much better today, my bed was calling my name!  A free birthday drink from Sonic was also calling my name.   😉

5:00 PM – Since Grace is still napping, I’m doing some blog marketing.

6:00 PM – Chopping some veggies for our side salads.

7:00 PM – Playing with Grace is the living room.  We gave Grace these blocks for her birthday.  I l-o-v-e them!

8:00 PM – Still playing in the living room.  Of course Grace is carrying around a book.  She is obsessed with books!

9:00 PM – Watching The Biggest Looser on TV with Nate.

10:00 PM – Nate requested that we record the rest of The Biggest Looser so he could play a video game.  I decided to do an equally fun activity: pay bills.

11:00 PM – Working on a blog post about My Insane List of Goals for 2011.

12:00 AM – Usually I am asleep by this time, but my book was really good.  Therefore my day ended with some reading.  And yes, this is crazy that I’m up this late.

I love that 4 of my pictures are about Grace and her books.  She is in love with books right now and we are constantly reading to her all day everyday.

I’m still amazed at how different this day was from when I did this project 4 years ago!

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  1. I love your pictures. I especially love that Grace was able to redeem herself with that last photo. I hinted in my post about this being an annual thing… do you think you can make this happen??

    So much fun! Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!

    1. An annual thing, Donna? Really? Well, I guess I could consider that. Is doing it in January a boring time of year to do it or does it give us something fun to do when we have cabin fever?

      I just checked out your pictures and I loved them all. Seriously. I want your camera. Seriously.

  2. I typically have a very boring day except on beauty shop days because I’m there all day (it feels like). I roll in my jammies too and would be in them all day everyday if life would let me. I don’t get into “stories” because I work but the biggest Loser makes me cry EVERY time I watch it. Oh, I cheated, I was so excited about linking up that I linked up 45 mins early but if we go by Eastern time, I would be on time. Thanks for sharing your life. Oh, I agree with Donna, this should be a annual thing but I might do it more. I really liked this project.

    1. Warning to Anyone Who Looks at Melissa’s Day – You will instantly want to eat something yummy. Watch out! 🙂

      PS. I didn’t think your day was boring at all! It is completely different from my day and that is why this project is so cool.

  3. It looks like it takes you about as much time to get to the library as us! And our bags look equally full. Love it! A Day in the Life

  4. Dude, Grace’s hair is getting long… at least it seems that way in the first picture. She is growing up so beautifully!

    I love this project and love seeing everyone else’s day. i would support an annual event, too! Thanks for organizing this, Becca!

    1. Malinda, on a day when half the country is under a winter storm warning, I can’t decide if you beach picture in the middle of your day is refreshing or adding insult to injury! 😉

  5. Okay, loved this. Especially loved the contrast with 2007 – I definitely need to get off my lazy behind and do this!

    1. Megan, my link-up will be open for a couple days so you still have time! You’re going to be hit by this big storm along with 1/2 the country, right? Why not celebrate a snow (or ice) day by taking your hourly pictures? Sounds perfect to me!

  6. What a difference between your two photojournals! Wow! Babies change everything, don’t they? We have that farm book your Grace is holding at 11:00am. And I love the picture of her falling back asleep crawling on you! Thanks so much for this great idea. I had fun doing it, although I had a hard time remembering to take pictures all day!

  7. Thank you for posting the link to those blocks! I bought some that look SO similar to those at HomeGoods for about $11 when I was pregnant with my first-born, and I have had so many friends ask where I got them. One friend even tried to spend an outrageous amount to order them from Australia! I will be sharing the link with all of them.

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