A Documentary Worth A Watch: Every Little Step

I was green with envy as I watched this enthralling documentary Every Little Step.

Every Little Step follows the audition process for the Broadway revival of the Show A Chorus Line. It follows the auditions from the huge open calls all through the numerous call backs until the final cast is revealed.  Along the way the audience is introduced to the personal lives of the actors who are all hoping for their big break.

The history of A Chorus Line is also explored in Every Little Step. The Broadway show was all started by a man and his friends doing an audio recording of simply talking about what life was like “in the business” during the 1970s.  From there the script & music was written.  Selections of the audio recordings and interviews with those involved in the original production of A Chorus Line are through the film.

I really appreciate how Every Little Step pulls the history of A Chorus Line into the current day audition process.  The irony of watching actors hoping to land roles in which they are playing characters who are also hoping to get the gig is just great.

I particularly loved this film because of my own theater background.  For anyone who has ever been on stage, it is a real dream to make it big on Broadway!  So watching a glimpse into the process was truly fascinating for myself.  However, I don’t belive you must have a passion for theater to enjoy this film.  I also don’t think it is necessary to be familiar with the production A Chorus Line. However, it would be a lot of fun to watch the two of the films back to back!

Any So You Think You Can Dance fans out there?  The much-loved choreographer Tyce Diorio is up for a role in this film!  I won’t give it away if he is cast or not, but I think you’ll find his commentary on the whole thing really interesting.  I sure did!


If you are reading this in your email you may need to click over to the site to watch the trailer of Every Little Step.

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  1. i LOVED this documentary. And as a theater person, I felt the same way, wondering if I “gave up” too early or what if I made different decisions…. but you know how it goes. Good find!

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