A Documentary Worth A Watch: Planet Earth

I love to travel.  L-O-V-E it!  God has blessed me with some amazing trips.  I love meeting new people and seeing how they live.  I love taking in the scenery and appreciating the unique landscapes.  I love that feeling of knowing that I’m standing in a place that I may never ever stand again.  The thing that I really love about the documentary series Planet Earth is that it takes all those things I love about traveling to the extreme.

While watching Planet Earth you will see things that you would never be able to see for yourself in real life.  You’ll see things that the vast majority of the world will never see for themselves!  Planet Earth takes you through the earth’s many habitats and shows you the animals that live there.    With each habitat you’ll be amazed at the unique creatures and breath-taking scenery.

Honestly, it really is amazing to watch.  This review might sound a little over the top and cheesy, but it is the honest truth.  Planet Earth is truly beautiful.    It is also fairly family friendly.  You may want to skip some of the “hunting” scenes.

Photo by Planet Earth


  1. BBC has a great collection of natural history documentaries! Planet Earth is one of our favorites, along with Nature’s Most Amazing Events.

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