A Documentary Worth A Watch: The Bridge

The Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the single most popular suicide destination in the world.  In the riveting documentary, The Bridge, a film crew lead by Eric Steel set up their cameras along the neighboring banks and kept watch on the bridge day after day for an entire year.  Their goal was to capture the moments on film as these troubled souls ended their lives.  The Bridge takes a very honest look at suicide, the lives of the victims and the families that they chose to leave behind.

When renting the DVD, the interviews with the camera crew in the special features is worth watching also.  They explore their feelings about the film and the very intimate relationships that they had with those who jumped, being the last ones to see them alive.

Photo by: The Bridge


  1. We watched this a while ago. As someone who’s dealt with severe depression, I really appreciated it. It’s definitely a powerful film.

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