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I started using a blog reader just a few months ago.  My friend Donna suggested that I use one because, “It will save you so much time!”  I thought, “Yeah, right!”  Well…yeah… she WAS right!

What is a blog reader? A blog reader is a free online service that you can use to organize how you read online news and blogs.  Instead of going to several different sites each day, you can subscribe to those sites via your blog reader and read all of your new content on that one website.  It is kind of like going to Wal-mart instead of going to the hardware store, clothing store, grocery store and toy store.  One stop shopping!

Why do I need a blog reader? If this is the only blog you ever go to then you probably don’t need a blog reader.  I don’t post things every day, but you can swing by here easily and check to see if there is anything new.  Or you can subscribe to my blog via email.  However, if you go to a couple of different blogs or news sites, then a blog reader can really be helpful.  A blog reader will alert you anytime there is new content on your favorite sites!  Instead of going to each and every site that you love, wondering if there is anything new, your blog reader will instantly tell you what is new on each site.

How do I get a blog reader? There are several different ones that you can choose from.  I use one that is powered by Google:

How do I subscribe to Simply Rebekah? Once you have set up your blog reader you can type my web address into your reader or click on my “rss subscription” icon on the left.

Need ideas on how to fill up your new blog reader? Check out some of my favorite sites!

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