Cheap & Easy Birthday Decorations: $5 for a Pink Party

Grace's Pink Birthday Party

Grace just turned 3 and she requested a pink birthday party.  I kept the decorations pretty simple, but I also wanted it to look nice.

Cheap and Easy Pink Party Decorations

I only spent $5 on her easy birthday decorations.  Here is how:

  1. Plastic Table Cloth – I bought 2 for $1.00 each.  One covered our large table.  The other one I cut apart to cover two card tables and her gift table.  I saved these to use for another party or to cover tables during art projects.
  2. Crate Paper Streamers – I bought 1 pack for $1.00.  I frayed the streamers and used them as a runner down the large table.
  3. Balloons – I bought 2 packs for $1.00 each.  I used a needle and thread to string them together.  Then I hung them from the window blinds, down our open staircase, and off the chandelier.
  4. Curly Ribbon – This was free.  I grab it from my stash of gift wrap bows, cut it apart, and sprinkled it down the center of the table and around the cake.

I did all of my shopping at Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) and Walmart.  I was actually more impressed with Walmart.  The party supply selection was much better and everything was $0.97.  Next time I’ll probably skip Dollar Tree.

This cost did not include any of the food, cake, or paper products.

What are your tips for cheap & easy birthday decorations?


  1. Love it! I never would have thought to fray streamers. I did a bunch of shopping at the dollar tree as well. I liked their plates and such (16 for $1!) but was very NOT impressed by the tablecloths. Completely see-through.

  2. Hi Rebekah, I found your blog through Donna’s and I am loving it!:-) spending alot of time holding my sick baby, and being entertained by your writing:-) I pinned this post to Pinterest, I am excited to your your tips for my girlies party this summer; thanks! Kayla (from Lipstick and Crayons)

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