CVSing Again!

The summer of 2008 I became obsessed with using coupons, going to CVS and saving TONS of money.  Over the course of 6 months I saved nearly $400 by taking advantage of CVS sales, coupons and their Extra Care Bucks program.  I know how much I saved because I was so obsessed that I created a spread sheet to track it all!!  Then I saw that positive pregnancy test and suddenly I had something else to obsess over.  Today I went to CVS for the first time in months and here is how I did…

The items pictured above cost a total of $78.85.  It doesn’t look like that much, but Claritin and laundry detergent can be pretty pricey.  Thankfully, I was armed with plenty of coupons and only paid $41.44.  A savings of $37.41 is pretty good if you ask me!  That is almost 50%!  Here is the break down:

DiGiorno Personal Pizza for $3 – used a free product coupon = FREE

Charmin Toilet Paper for $7.49 – used $1 off coupon = $6.49

Dawn Dish Soap for $1.99 – saved $1.02 because of sale & used $0.20 off coupon = $0.77

Tide Laundry Detergent for $10.99 – saved $5.02 because of sale & used $1 off coupon = $4.97

4 Sobe Life Waters for $6.36 – These were on sale for BOGO free & I used 2 BOGO free coupons = FREE

2 Old Spice Body Wash for $8.98 – used BOGO free coupon = $4.49

3 Dove Deodorant (travel size) for $3 – used 2 $1.50 off coupons = FREE

2 Cover Girl Powders for $13.98 – saved $3.50 because of sale & used $2.50 off coupon = $7.98

Claritin for $21.99 – saved $3 because of sale, $3 because of ECB earned & used $3 off coupon = $12.99

I ended up getting all of the items below for FREE!  I heart free!  I really really do!


  1. I LOVE couponing! My last shopping trip I saved almost 73% on coupons. My total bill was a little over $100 and I only paid $38. total! I LOVE IT!!! My favorite is when u find something that the store pays u to take it off their shelf….for instance this week I bought brownie mix on sale for $0.99 and I had a coupon for $0.50 off which doubled so they paid me $0.01 just to take the item off their shelf!

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