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DIY Cheap, Easy, and Adorable Popcorn Halloween Costume

DIY Easy, Cheap, and Adorable Popcorn Halloween Costume Last year I made Grace an adorable (but cheap and easy!) popcorn Halloween costume.  I literally threw this together spur of the moment during nap time.


  • cardboard
  • sissors
  • white paper
  • red paper
  • glue or tape
  • red & black marker
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • popcorn
  • needle & thread


First of all, there are so many different ways you could make this.  I used paper and markers, but you could just as easily use paint.  Get creative with the supplies that you have on hand.

DIY Popcorn Halloween Costume

1. Cut 2 rectangles out of cardboard.  The size needed will depend on the size of the person wearing the Halloween costume.

2. Cut a scalloped edge along the top of both rectangles.

3. Make the front side of each rectangle white.  You could paint them or glue white paper onto the cardboard.  I used paper.

4. Use a red marker or paint to create red stripes down the white cardboard.

DIY Popcorn Halloween Costume

5. Cut the letters POPCORN out of red paper.  I did this free hand.  I didn’t think the red letters stood out enough, so I used a black marker along the outside edge of each letter.

6. Glue or tape the letters onto one of the cardboard pieces.  This will be the front of your sandwich board costume.

DIY Popcorn Halloween Costume

7. Use a hot glue gun to attach popcorn along the top scalloped edge.

DIY Popcorn Halloween Costume

8. Use a hot glue gun and ribbon to attach the front and back of the sandwich board.  The length and placement of the ribbon depends on the size of the person wearing the costume.  I waited to do this until Grace was awake.  I wanted to be sure I made the ribbon long enough that I could slip the sandwich board over her head.

DIY Popcorn Halloween Costume

9. Create a popcorn halo by threading the popcorn with a needle and thread like you would to make garland for a Christmas tree.  Tie the two ends together to form a circle.

DIY  Easy, Cheap, and Adorable Popcorn Halloween Costume

If you make this Halloween costume, I would love to see a picture of it!  You can post it on my Facebook page.

Do you usually make or buy Halloween costumes?  What are your favorite DIY cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas? 


  1. This is awesome! And hilarious because my son just said to me a couple nights ago, “I want to be popcorn for Halloween!” And I was like, how in the heck am I supposed to make a popcorn costume?? Who knew it could be so easy!

    1. Terrie, I hope you’ll share pictures with me of the finished product! You can email them to me or post them on my Facebook page. I would love to see it!

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