Embracing Autumn with my Festive Fall List 2011

I tried not to do it.  I really did.  The temptation was just too great.  I wrote another list.  I really think I’m addicted to list making.

I enjoyed my Summer Fun List so much that I just had to create a Festive Fall List!

The Food

  • drink apple cider
  • toast pumpkin seeds
  • bake something pumpkin
  • make special hot drinks
  • get pumpkin pie blizzards from Dairy Queen
  • bake apple crisp
  • eat a caramel apple

The Holidays

  • our anniversary – 6 years! Go us!
  • Grace’s Birthday
  • Thanksgiving
  • make Christmas lists – not to rush things, but it’s gotta happen!

The Great Outdoors

  • play at the park while we still can!
  • take walks to see the changing leaves
  • play in a leaf pile
  • go on a hayride
  • enjoy the local street fair
  • watch a parade
  • pick a pumpkin

The Social Adventures

  • host an appetizer party
  • Lipstick & Crayons – my church’s moms group happening 2x a month
  • story time – happening 10x this fall
  • The Relevant Conference***
  • Fall Fest at our church
  • my parent’s visit in October

The Random Stuff

  • decorate the house for fall
  • paint a pumpkin
  • burn candles

I have plenty of space left at the bottom of my list.  What should I add?


*** In late October I will be attending a women’s Christian blogging conference called Relevant.  I am very excited for this opportunity to learn a lot about blogging and enjoy the company of 250 other bloggers.  I am looking for sponsors for the conference.  If you would like me to promote your company or product on Simply Rebekah and at the conference, please contact me for more information.  


    1. Stacy, I hope you post about your list!! I want to see it. You could always add it to my Insane Goals monthly link-up happening on Oct. 1st. All lists count for this list obsessed link-up! 🙂

  1. You should add make a scarecrow. hehehe. Or carve a pumpkin and let Grace stick her hand in the gooey goodness.

    Seriously, it is very fun.

  2. Nice!!! I love that you hand made that list with all the nice Fall colours! I also made an intentional Summer fun list (which we MOSTLY crossed everything off of! yay!) so now I’m inspired to do a Fall one too!

    On a related note, have you ever made a list of things to make lists of? I have. 😉

    1. There are so many things about this comment that I love!

      1) You NOTICED my color scheme!!! 🙂
      2) You’re inspired to make your own list – which you totally should!
      3) You are just as list obessed as I am! haha!

      You should check out the Insane Goals Monthly Link-Up. It sounds like something you would get into. Our next link up is Oct. 1st.

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