Fast, Easy, and Cheap DIY Easter Centerpiece

Fast, Cheap, and Easy DIY Easter Centerpiece

I have barely decorated my house for spring or Easter this year, but I was inspired when I saw this picture from Bonni of Mom By Example. The concept is simple, the supplies are cheap, and it takes barely any time at all to pull it together.

DIY Easter Centerpiece

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Step 1: Buy jellybeans for your kids’ Easter baskets, hide it where they can’t find it, and eat some every time you walk past the hiding spot.

Step 2: Realize that nothing compares to Starburst jelly beans and decide that the generic jellybeans you bought can be used for your Easter centerpiece.

Step 3: Gather your supplies. You’ll need a vase, jellybeans, hot glue gun, and branches.

Fast, Easy, and Cheap DIY Easter Centerpiece

Step 4: Look around your yard for branches to go in the vase. When you can’t find any that will work, sneak over to your neighbor’s bush and “help” him by giving his bush a little trim.

Step 5: Hot glue the jellybeans onto the branches.

Step 6: Try not to be disappointed in yourself when you are finished and Bonni’s Easter centerpiece looks a lot better than yours.

Step 7: Eat Starburst jellybeans and scold yourself for only buying 1 bag instead of 2.

Did you make your own Easter centerpiece? I would love to see it! You can tag me on Instagram or post it on my Facebook page.

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