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Frugal Photo Friday: Buying Gender Neutral

Frugal Photo Friday

Welcome to Frugal Photo Friday! This month I am partnering with Crystal, from Money Saving Mom. Each Friday we are sharing pictures of simple ways that we save money. This week I’m sharing how buying gender neutral things for my kids saves money.

Gender Neutral Car Seat

I am a huge fan of buying gender neutral things for my kids. We have one girl and one boy, but we’ve been choosing gender neutral options before we knew would have one of each in our family.

When Nate and I were expecting our first baby, we decided to wait to find out the gender. The nursery was gender neutral along with everything we registered for and bought for the baby. In the end, I believe that waiting to find out the gender was the secret to saving money on a new baby.

Now that we have a girl and a boy, I really appreciate that some of our “big kid” stuff is gender neutral too. After our babies out grew the infant car seat, we went with gray convertible car seats. My parents gave Grace a red bike for Christmas that will be perfectly acceptable for Noah. We have a white play kitchen and plenty of other generic toys.

I’m not opposed to our children using things that are geared towards the opposite sex, but I am thankful for the generic items we own.

Do you try to buy gender neutral things for your kids? Did you opt for gender specific baby gear?

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Now it is your turn to share the simple ways that you save. Share your link below or on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FrugalPhotoFriday. All of the link-up details can be found here.


  1. Yes! We waited too for both of our kids and I think the (gender neutral) gifts we got for both of our kids were so much more practical than what we may have gotten otherwise.

    1. AMEN!!! People can’t resist buying adorable baby clothes when they know the gender. We got so many wonderful, practical gifts by eliminating that temptation for everyone.

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  3. Seeing your picture of Noah in the car seat brought back memories…..in those early days there is more buckle than baby!! I forgot about that! Both my babies were over 9 pounds but they still looked so tiny and fragile buckles in their seat. Now my daughter is 3 and she looks much different in her 5-point harness!

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  5. My husband wanted to know with our first child and then my daughter and husband wanted to know with the second. So we knew ahead of time but I still asked for and purchased gender neutral items for both kids. After we were done we could share our in good condition items with anyone of our friends who was having a baby next.

    1. Good point, Shelly! It probably is easier for you to declutter your baby items if you don’t have to wait for the “right” gender to be born! (Man… that sentence was all kinds of awful, but I think you’ll know what I mean.)

  6. Definitely! We knew ahead of time with both our children, but I still bought gender neutral (or at least non-pink) as much as possible. Even now, I keep an eye out for shirts and toys that my 5-year-old daughter will like that can be passed down to her little brother later!

    Much like Shelley above, we did “declutter” all the baby girl clothing once we knew #2 was going to be a boy. 🙂

    1. My sister always tried to buy gender neutral winter coats for her girl and boy. They can be expensive! I always thought that was so smart. Thankfully, I’ve been given a lot of hand-me-downs and I haven’t had to buy a coat for awhile.

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