Happy 2nd Birthday, Noah!

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Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet Noah!

You are two.  TWO!!  I want you to stay little forever, but it just isn’t happening.  You are no longer a baby.  There is just about zero baby left in you.  You are such a little toddler now.

It has been so fun to watch you grow this past year.

Little boy, you are obsessed with kitchen appliances and playing with water.  The coffee maker is your all time favorite.  Whether Daddy and I liked it or not, time and time again you have played with the dish washer, toaster, pots & pans, glasses of water, crock pot, and blender (without the blade!).

Another favorite pastime of yours is talking on the phone.  You would scream your head off anytime I took the phone away from you.  Finally, I started telling people to just hang up when they were done talking because it was the only way to avoid a full meltdown at the end of the conversation.

noah and grace dressed nice

Noah, you love doing anything your big sister is doing.  Sometimes you wear a tiara.  Sometimes you put on a dress up skirt.  Often you ask you wear her shoes.  Lately you’ve been joining her as she belts out the lyrics to songs from Frozen.  It is all completely adorable.

Together we read 600 books as part of the library’s One Thousand Books Before Kindergarten program.  Only 400 left to go!

Speaking of books, it took awhile you for to appreciate being read to.  I honestly thought it would take us all the way up to kindergarten to read 1,000 books!  You came around though after I started reading to you while I nursed you before bed.  Your favorite books are What’s That Noise Little Mouse? and I’m A Big Sister.

noah beach

You sleep with more than 5 stuffed animals in your crib each night.  Off the top of my head I know that at this exact moment you are sleeping with a frog, 2 puppies, a teddy bear, a monkey, a koala, a bunny, and your blankie.  I adore seeing you snuggle with stuffed animals or your baby doll.

Noah, we were a bit concerned about how little you were talking.  When you were around 18 months old we had Early Intervention come out to the house and give you an assessment.  You weren’t talking as much as some (or maybe even most) kids your age, but you weren’t far behind enough to qualify for speech therapy.  In the past six months you’ve done a great job expanding your vocabulary.  You are still a quiet one, but your very talkative sister might have something to do with that!

We nursed for 2 years!  We have slowly been weaning over the past several months and I’m so glad we took things slow.  Right now you are only nursing first thing in the morning and that will probably stop next month.  It has been emotional for me to let go of breastfeeding since you could be my last baby.  One thing I hope I always remember is your sweet little voice asking, “Two?” when you want to nurse.  I always asked you if you wanted “side two” after we finished the first side and you adopted “two” as your own little word for breastfeeding.

You know what else you say that is adorable?  Whenever we tell you that we love you, you always respond with “Too.”  It is the only part of “I love you too” that you manage to get out.  I don’t know if you are just being lazy or what, but I don’t care.  My heart melts every time you you say, “Too.”

Whenever I hold you, you suck your thumb and stick your hand down my shirt.  I’m looking forward to both of those habits being broken.  🙂

You gave Nate and I a huge surprise when you started using the potty!  You aren’t ready for full blown potty training yet, but I’m thankful for your eagerness.

noah and grace halloween

Other highlights from the last year:

  • a week at Grandma’s over the summer & 20 days at Christmas
  • a trip to the Outer Banks
  • several haircuts that you always sit well for
  • a battle with thrush
  • a fall off the bed that ended with an ER trip and 1 staple in your head
  • a week at the beach
  • trick-or-treating as Waldo
  • Your favorite videos are Veggie Tales & Wiggles.
  • You love taking a bath and always ask for bubbles.
  • You adore babies.  It is the cutest.

noah cake

Noah, you are precious and I am so glad that I get to be your Mommy.

Happy Birthday, little one.
Love, Mommy

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  1. Awww, this was such a loving letter for your adorable little boy…and I’m so touched for having read it!! What a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday to one of your kiddos! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I write my kids a birthday letter every year. I hope they love reading them some day.

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