Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah!


Every year I write a letter to my children in honor of their birthday. This is Noah’s birthday letter. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Happy 3rd Birthday, dear Noah!

You were in full blown toddler mode this past year. It has been a delight to watch all the ways you have grown.

Highlights from this past year:

Throughout this past year you have called me Mama, Mommy, and Mom. You are certainly too little to be calling me Mom, but you hear your sister say it all the time so I can’t blame you. 😉

There are a couple of things you have stopped doing over this past year. First of all, you’ve slowed down on your thumb sucking. You still do it at night, but you don’t do it during the day nearly as much as you used it. Along with that, you stopped putting hand down my shirt! I thought you were going to be doing that for years to come. Your favorite thing in the world used to be cuddling with me, sucking your thumb, and slipping your hand down the front of my shirt. Some day this will all seem horrific to you, but trust me. These are the things that bring babies comfort, honey.

in the kitchen

Your favorite things are choo-choo trains, Wiggles DVDs & CD, cook pans with lids, Froggy, your sandbox, and playing in any kind of water.

Some day you will look back at pictures and ask me why you were always wearing pink shoes. I would like to go on the record right now and say it is totally your own fault. You love wearing Grace’s shoes.

I felt guilty that you didn’t know any children’s bible songs, so I started singing “Jesus Loves Me” to you everynight before bed. You went through a phase where you wanted me to put other people’s names in the song. We even sang that Jesus loved “Grandma Miller’s cook pans.”

1000 books

We did it! You completed the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program at the library! Some of your favorite books from this year have been Yummy Yucky, Goodnight Moon, I Love You Just The Way You Are, and Florentine and Pig.

Over the last several weeks you’ve started to do the most adorable thing ever. Randomly throughout the day you say, “Mommy? (Yes, Noah?) I love you.” It melts my heart every time.

Every November we celebrate Thanksgiving with our Thankful Tree. This was the first year that you were able to say what you were thankful for each day. Over and over and over again you said you were thankful for Grace’s Frozen backpack and your stuffed animal puppy that moves and barks. It was so sweet. Your thankfulness inspired us to give you a backpack of your own for Christmas.

Potty training has been a bit of a flop. You know what you are doing. You just don’t care that much. Instead of stressing myself out, I decided to put on the brakes and we’ll try again this summer.


I was going to give you a pillow to use in your crib (which you will stay in forever!), but you started to lay your head on your stuffed froggy. You adhore that frog. Sometimes before I tuck you in for bed I’ll say, “Noah, do you hear that? It is Froggy! He is saying he wants you!” Ever single time I do it you smile from ear to ear.

More highlights:

    • You had your very first sleepover & it was at Grandma Hoffer’s house.
    • We vacationed at the beach, in the mountains, and in the country (at Grandma Miller’s house.)
    • You threw up for the first time. And then did it again 2 weeks later. Yuck.
    • For Halloween you dressed up like a birthday present.
    • We tried swim lessons and you hated it. We’ll try again another year.
    • There is a purple line on the wall going up the steps thanks to you.
    • After much debate between orange and blue, you decided you wanted a blue birthday.


Noah, you are such a joy. I am so thankful to have you in my life and that I get to be your mommy. I love watching you play with Grace and seeing all the new things are learning.

Hugs, Kisses, and Happy Birthday,


  1. I signed up for email updates, but I have yet to receive the birthday question printable. When can I expect to receive it?

    1. Andrea, a new email was sent out today. Did you find the link to download the interview at the end of that email?

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