Happy 5th Birthday, Grace!

Grace's 5th Birthday

Every year I write a letter to my children in honor of their birthday. This is Grace’s 5th birthday letter.

My dearest Grace,

I am so grateful that I am able to be your mommy. We had a lot of fun this past year and you’ve grown up in so many ways. Happy 5th Birthday, darling!

In this past year…

In December we took you to the movie theater for the very first time. We saw Frozen, which ended up being a huge Disney hit. It was also a big hit in our house! Your obsession with the characters and the songs is intense. I can’t imagine that you’ll ever let it go. (See what I did there?)

You love all things girly and anything princess related. Your favorite colors are pink and purple.

Your most favorite thing in the world used to be books, but I think that has officially changed. Your number one obsession is probably coloring and drawing. You can be hard on yourself if you go outside of the lines or don’t draw something as nicely as you wanted to. I’m trying to teach you that it doesn’t have to be perfect to still be beautiful. You love to draw princesses with  long braided hair like Elsa and Anna.

You think bikinis are called zucchinis. I hope you call them that forever. I have no plans of correcting you.

Grace, this was your first year going to Vacation Bible School at church. You LOVED it! I had tears in my eyes watching you dance to the worship music as I helped out with video from the balcony. The CD of music from the week was on constant repeat in the car for a very long time.

We had an extra long stay at Grandpa & Grandma’s house over Christmas this past year. Grandma introduced you to the curly iron and curled your hair almost every morning. We brought the curling iron back with us and used it on special occasions like Easter and your birthday.

You love eating pizza, spaghetti, and cheese sticks. You started eating soup this year despite claiming that you hated soup the year before.

Although you still crave some girl time, you have become super close with your cousin Matthew. The two of you play very well together. You are even in the same preschool class! You are also good friends with the older neighbor girls, Nicole and Amanda. We are so lucky they live on our block!

Grace and Noah March 2014

Watching you play with Noah is such a treat. I tell you that the two of you are best friends all the time and I hope it sticks. Of course you have your moments, but for the most part you play together very well. He looks up to you so much.

You and Noah have this game that you play all the time called “Hi, what would you like?” Mostly it happens when we are outside at the sandbox. You like to pretend you are a waitress and you ask me for my order. Most of the time we are at Chick-fil-A. I must have heard “Hi. What would you like?” at least 100 times from you and Noah this past year.

You love to play “baby” in the mornings before we get out of bed. You crawl into my bed with me, go under the covers, and then pretend to be born. Then you’ll take your first steps, say your first words, and take a pretend nap. Haha! It is sweet.

Nap time is over! Instead of taking daily naps, we have quiet time in your room. At times it is a struggle. You really don’t like being alone in general, so being asked to play alone in your room is a big deal.

Along with being alone, you really don’t like bugs and water splashing in your face.

All last year you looked forward to your 5th birthday. It meant that you would finally be “big enough” to go to school. In September you started preschool. So far you are thriving there, and I can’t wait to see how much you blossom this year.

Your 5th birthday also meant it was time for your wedding birthday party. I have never heard of a little girl having a wedding themed birthday, but you were dreaming about this since December! It was adorable.

Grace, you are sweet, adorable, creative, polite, and kind. I am excited to see how much you grow this year.

I love you!

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