How to Earn 4 Extra Swagbucks Each Day

If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet then you really truly should.  You are missing out on one of the best sites that the internet has to offer.  By signing up, I earn points (called swagbucks) by searching online just like how you would use Google.  Then I can redeem my swagbucks for prizes.  I signed up for Swagbucks in November 2008 and since then I have earned an Xbox game, a t-shirt, a $5 Starbucks gift card and $180 in Target gift cards.  Plus I currently have enough swagbucks to cash in for $60 in Target gift cards.  You can read more about Swagbucks here and sign up using this link:  http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/RebekahHoffer  (Don’t miss out on the special promo code for new accounts that is at the end of this post!)

Now to those who are already experiencing the joy of swagbucks, did you know there are some super easy ways that you can earn 4 extra swagbucks each day?  By doing each of the 4 options below you’ll earn an extra 4 swagbucks each day, which is 120 swagbucks every month or 1,460 extra swagbucks a year!  That is more than you need to get $15 in Amazon gift cards and that doesn’t even factor in how many swagbucks you could be earning my searching each day.  Here is how:

  1. Daily Polls:  Every day there is a new poll listed on Swagbucks.com.  Simply click on the “Daily Polls” link on the left hand side of the swagbucks home page to be directed to the poll, vote and you’ll earn 1 swagbuck.  You can also submit poll ideas by emailing pollideas@swagbucks.com.  If your poll is published you’ll be rewarded 100 swagbucks!  My sister just had poll published a few days ago!
  2. Tool Bar: Swagbucks rewards you 1 swagbuck a day for using their toolbar.  The tool bar is free and fast to download.  Once you have it installed, you’ll get a pop up once a day telling you that you’ve earned 1 swagbuck just for having the tool bar.  You don’t even need to use it for searching to earn your 1 swagbuck a day.  However, searching is the best way to earn swagbucks so I would definitely recommend it!
  3. Trusted Surveys:  A couple of months ago Swagbucks started this new thing called Trusted Surveys.  You earn swagbucks by filling out surveys online.  The surveys can be long and you might not feel comfortable with all the information they want to know, however…  by simply activating your trusted survey’s profile and checking in once a day to see what surveys you could take, you’ll earn 1 swagbuck.
  4. No Obligation Special Offers:  Swagbucks partners with several companies to present Special Offers.  Some of the offers require you to pay for a service before earning swagbucks, but there are also some “No Obligation Special Offers.”  After clicking through a few pages of no obligation offers you are rewarded with 1 swagbuck.  Like all of these options, you can do this once every day.  Just be sure that you click SKIP, NO, or SEE NEXT OFFER so that you don’t end up signing up for anything you don’t want.  UPDATE:  These are now referred to as “NOSO.”  They have been given their own tab on the homepage under the “Ways To Earn” section.

Normally when you sign up for swagbucks you are instantly rewarded with 30 swagbucks, but this week there is a special Back to School promotion.  You can get an extra 40 swagbucks by entering the promo code BackToSchool (case-sensitive) when you sign up!  Don’t miss out on starting off with 70 instant swagbucks!  The promo is good through August 15, 2010.

Do you use Swagbucks?  Why or why not?  What have you gotten with your swagbucks?


  1. You’ve gotta love SwagBucks! I always cash in my swagbucks for Amazon.com giftcards. I can buy pretty much anything I need at Amazon, we order our KCups for our Keurig coffeemaker, books for the kids, or save up the gift cards for something bigger. This year I hope to save most of our swagbucks to buy Christmas gifts!

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