I can Can-Can-Can!

One of my Insane Goals this year was to can something using the canning jars that my grandmother gave me.  To be honest, I was half expecting my “canning” experience this year to be making cookies-in-a-jar gifts.  I didn’t have much faith in myself.

Thankfully, I have friends and family who were willing to take me under their canning wings!  Emily and I spent a day tackling a crate of peaches.  We mostly used them for peach jam, which we froze actually.  We canned a few jars of peaches and also made some salsa.  Then a couple weeks later my mom helped me make pizza sauce and more salsa.

This is a big deal, folks.  I do not consider myself a hardcore homemaker.  The fact that I have a shelf – wait!…  two shelves in my basement filled with canned goods is mind boggling to me.  So……

I’m bragging.  Yes, the whole point of this post is to show off these beautiful jars.  Please “Ooooo” and “Ahhhhh” as you see fit.   😉


Pizza Sauce!


And finally, the most amazing peach jam!  I’m drooling just looking at it!

Have you ever canned anything?

Don’t forget about the first Monthly Insane Goals Link-Up happening this Thursday!  I can’t wait to hear what is on your list!  You can find more details about the link-up here.


  1. where did you get the multi-wood striped cutting board? I have one just like it that we got as a wedding gift. Ours was made locally though. That would be hilarious if yours was made by the people in my area.

  2. Rebekah –

    Can you post your peach recipe or email it to me? I canned some last year but they just did not turn out looking great…..Yours look great!!

    Another thing to freeze/can that is super easy is sweet corn off the cob! It is wonderful and easy!

  3. When you showed me your beautiful collection of canned goodies in your basement yesterday, I came home and sulked. My summer is almost over and I’ve canned NOTHING! My sweet hubby has made spaghetti sauce and salsa. Me, I’ve done nothing. 🙁 I love canning, wish I had the time this year to do it! I’m so impressed by your bounty!

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