I Love Checking the Mail Box!

Email, cell phones and Facebook have truly changed the way that we communicate.  It is rare now to receive a written letter.  I hardly ever receive anything personal in the mail unless it is my birthday or my hand-written-letter-loving friend Michelle surprises me.  Sadly, that means that bills and junk mail are what fills up most mail boxes these days.  However, I still love checking my mail box!  Why?


I had an amazing couple of days the other week and received all of this in a matter of days!  I just LOVE getting free samples in the mail, so this jack-pot put me in freebie heaven for a little while.  🙂  Here is what I got:

  • 3 packs of instant vanilla caramel lattes
  • 48 custom designed address labels for the new house
  • Sauve shampoo sample
  • Free Product Coupon for Macaroni & Cheese Explosion (I’d already cashed in my coupon when I took this pic.)
  • Free Product Coupon for Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce
  • Free Product Coupon for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
  • Latest Issue of Parents Magazine – Before Grace was born I signed up for a free two-year subscription.
  • Root Awakening samples – shampoo, conditioner, and smoothing lotion
  • 3 bags of Sundried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins

My favorite kind of freebie is food, but I was really excited about the address labels that I got for 100% free!

Do you want to enjoy your mailbox a little more?  I hear about all my freebies from Money Saving Mom.  She posts about great freebies and free samples often.  Start signing up and you’ll get something fun in your mailbox in about 4-6 weeks! 

TIP:  Most free sample requests require an email address.  I would recommend setting up a separate email account to avoid getting spam or any unwanted newsletters that are required for the freebie.

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