I Smell Like a Cow

Noah Meeting the Cows

Nate and I took the kids out to the farm to visit their great grandparents and great uncle.  They live on a dairy farm and this was Grace’s (and Noah’s!) first time exploring the barn.

Grace's First Time in the Dairy Barn

At first Grace was a mixture of excited and completely terrified.  Can you tell?  haha!

Curious Cow #197

#197 was very curious about these strangers walking around.

Crazy Eyed Cow #170

And #170 kept giving me crazy eye looks.

Grace and the Cows

Of course it was fun to see Grace having fun on this little adventure, but…

Grace and Great Grandpa with a Kitty

My favorite part was seeing how much her great grandpa and great uncle enjoyed having us there.

Great Grandpa

Great Uncle

Grace on Her Great Grandpa's Tractor

We all came home stinking like a barn.

And it was wonderful!

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