Insane Goals: The Dreaded Closet Clean Up

There is nothing fun about cleaning out a closet.  That is why purging & reorganizing the master bedroom on my Insane List of Goals has been only half done for almost a year.  I tackled the actual room months ago, but I put off doing my closet.

Today was the day I was meant to do it.  First I read Permission to Get Rid of Stuff by Kinda Crunchy Kate and I could completely relate to her struggle to get rid of things.  My frugal and green side make it nearly impossble for me to part with things.

Then I read Top 10 Things I Can Accomplish to Reduce my Stress in November by Hey Donna.  That pushed me over the edge.  I was officially inspired to stop reading and start doing.  Upstairs I went…

I made three piles:

  1. Things to Trash
  2. Things to Donate
  3. Things to Store

Take a look at that top picture again.  When shoes have this much dust on them that you can draw a smiling face, you know it is time to let go.  I just couldn’t and I didn’t.  I bought those shoes in France and love them (even though I clearly don’t wear them).  That is why I created the storage box.  I filled that box with clothes I bought in other countries, the red vintage winter coat that will never fit around this pregnant belly, and the t-shirt I got from my sister’s college on little-sibs weekend eons ago.

The entire project took me about 1.5 hours (and that was with a little one needing attention along the way).  Here are some of the thoughts, discoveries, and accomplishments I had throughout the process:

  • It was super hard, but I got rid of several items that are outdated.  I’m not much of a fashionista (someone please help me!), but even I knew it was time to let these things go.
  • I found a bag of purses.  Many of the purses still had things in them.  The most embarrassing thing I found were crackers in a purse that also had a movie stub from 2006.  Ick! The most amazing things I found were a $39 gift card to Old Navy and a love letter written by my husband before we got married.  It was like I was being paid in money and love to clean!
  • I’m finally letting go of my jazz tennis shoes.  If you are a size six, make me an offer!
  • Does anyone else have the problem of deodorant leaving sparkles on their shirts???
  • I have a strong desire to only wear and own clothing that I love.  Being frugal makes that kind of hard when I tend to be drawn to sales racks and hate to spend money on clothes.  Somebody please come fix me.

And because everyone enjoys seeing pictures of other people’s junk….  Before & After Photos!

The Top Before:

The Top After:

The Bottom Before (Despite Grace’s facial expression, I did not force her to sit there!):

The Bottom After:

What is your relationship with the clothes in your closet?  Do you hang onto things forever or do a regular purging?  Share tips below!


  1. Wow! Rebekah! it looks awesome! I’m glad my little post gave you a tiny bit of inspiration. I went on a rampage on my office yesterday and need to finish it this weekend. It sure feels good to just be ok throwing things away (or donating them). I’ve always wanted to save everything for a big yardsale that rarely happens. I think watching shows like Clean House make me think I can make thousands at a yard sale. Sometimes just getting rid of the clutter is better payment!

    PS. When you wrote Jazz shoes I immediately thought Jazz hands and pictured you doing “jazz hands” LOL!

    1. Thanks, Donna!

      I forgot to include that I also found a pair of jeans 2 sizes bigger than my normal size (that I don’t remember buying) and they fit my swelling belly perfectly right now with some room to grow! it is amazing how many treasures were just sitting there waiting for me!

  2. Well, I guess I need to do mine now. Our closet has a weird layout… and since we have so little storage space I’ve come into the bad habit of shoving everything in there. *Sigh*

    You’ve inspired me to do something about it so that I won’t be so stressed out every time I open the doors.

      1. I haven’t started…. .BUT I did finish making the doll clothes for my daughter’s Christmas present, so I feel somewhat accomplished… even if I can no longer see my clothes 🙂

        It’s my Monday/ Tuesday project! 🙂

  3. I will help you become a fashionista and help you to INVEST in your clothing, so that you get a great bargain because you LOVE it an wear it ALL the time, therefore the price per wear goes down and you’ll have it for several seasons and it won’t wear out. Because….kikaPaprika clothing fits the bill! 🙂 Let’s talk and we can start down the road to your owning clothes you LOVE to wear!

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