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Introducing Baby Isaac!


It is a boy!!

Our tie-breaker baby was born on Wednesday, January 25th. Baby Isaac weighed 7 lb exactly and was 20.5″ long. Isaac born one week after his due date, and he was completely worth the wait!

I had been hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), but that didn’t work out for us. I was really disappointed when I had to have a c-section with Noah, but this time around I am at peace with it.


I had been praying that my labor would start spontaneously on its own. I had been praying for a natural delivery. I had been praying for a birth free from complications and interventions. None of those things happened, but God had a better plan. If I had gone into labor, it could have been very dangerous. I will share Isaac’s entire birth story soon.

Isaac is 2 weeks old and doing wonderfully. My recovery feels slow going, but I suspect that most moms recovering from a c-section feel that way. I can’t wait until I feel normal again!

Thank you for celebrating with us!


  1. He’s beautiful!! Congratulations Rebekah! And I love his name. We joked that we should have named our son Peter, Isaac, because he brings us so much laughter and joy 🙂 Hope you continue to recover quickly, and I can’t wait to read his whole birth story! <3

    1. My husband and I don’t give too much thought into the meaning behind names. Honestly, we struggle enough with picking names we both like so finding a meaning we both love is an added complication we can’t handle. However, I am pretty pleased with the meaning of Isaac. I hope the meaning fits him well. 🙂

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