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A family photo & some link love for ya!

Grace colored on our door with sidewalk chalk.

I should have figured out that Grace’s sidwalk chalk art on our door last month had the potenial to be foreshadowing.

Grace colored on our walls with marker.

“I color on walls!”  Those are four words you don’t want to hear.


Avoid Work-At-Home Mommy Guilt With These 10 Simple Activities For Kids – These ideas are good reminders for any mom on how to spice up your day.

Don’t Water the Weeds – Wow.  I am so guilty of this…

“About .7% to 1.5% of [blog] readers actually comment.”  Get more comments on your blog by following the advice found in Comments & Comment Etiquette.  This post address a lot of my personal pet-peeves about blog comments.

This Brilliant Ventriloquism by Nina Conti cracked me up!

“It’s estimated that 85% of women are not wearing the right size bra.”  Does Your Bra Fit? 

An honest look at the Choices moms make every. single. day.

5 Ways Free Samples Save Us Money made me want to fill my mailbox with freebies!


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