Love Letter Journal: a Cheap, but Meaningful Gift for a Wedding, Anniversary, or Valentine’s Day

Love Letter Journal

One of my favorite wedding gifts that Nate and I received was a simple journal.  The enclosed card included instructions for how to use the journal: take turns writing each other a love letter.

Nate and I started out writing back and forth to each other quickly.  It was fun to scribble a one page letter of adoration to my young husband and even more thrilling to find the journal waiting for me on my pillow at night.

As time has passed, the letters have slowed down, but they will never stop.

Since journals can easily be found for less than $15, a love letter journal is a great cheap gift for a wedding, your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day.

I especially love this classy Mr. & Mrs. Journal from DaySpring.

Mr. & Mrs. – Two in One Inspirational Journal

Do you own a love letter journal?  Have you ever given one as a gift?

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  1. I know this might sound old fashioned too but really in the digital age of pdfs and USB drives there is something more sentimental and thought provoking about giving an actual paper physical book dont you think?

  2. I love this idea! Can you give me an idea of what to say on the enclosed card for a wedding gift?


    1. Dear Mr & Mrs,

      To keep your love for each other strong, I recommend perfecting the art of writing love letters. Use this journal to write words of appreciation, romance, and even forgiveness to each other. Write your love letter, leave it waiting on your spouse’s pillow for them to find, and then wait for the journal to be returned to your own pillow with a love letter inside just for you.

      You certainly don’t need to write in here every day or even every week. There may be seasons in your marriage when you write often and then other times when months go by. That is perfectly okay, but don’t abandon it. The written word is a powerful thing and it can do amazing things.


      How does that sound, Michele?

      1. Sounds good! Now I can finish my gift with the personal touch I’ve been looking for. Thanks so much, Rebekah!

  3. I am just now coming across this (Pinterest idea searching), but I too love this idea and would just like to put my story on here. My boyfriend is serving in the U.S. Navy and just left last Monday for Basic Training. All throughout the year of us dating (us knowing this day was coming) he journaled these kinds of things in a book almost every day/every week. I had no idea that he had done this and the day he left, he told me he had left something on the pillow of the bed at home. When I got home, I found the journal and began to read. There were tears, laughter, and an overwhelming feeling of love. Of course, missing him so much already, I read through the entire thing in the first night. The very last page said, “I know I didn’t leave as much as I should have in here, but think of it as if I left room for the rest of our story. This is for our journey in and out of the Navy because we’ll miss some important stuff being separated so much. It’s your turn.” He will be in basic for 8-10 weeks and when he graduates, I will return the journal to him so he can write another part. This journal is the most precious thing I’ve ever had.

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