Lovin’ the Library: Free DVDs

Years ago I decided to splurge on myself and sign up for Netflix.  I loved it!  Nate and I got one of the cheapest plans.  We signed up to receive only one movie at a time, but there was no limit on how many movies we could watch each month.  After awhile I discovered that I could save money by downgrading our subscription to just 2 movies per month.  If we wanted to watch more movies than that we just supplement with the library.

You can get free DVD rentals from the library! F-R-E-E movies!  I love it!

The selection of DVDs at the library is much better than you would think. I searched my library catalog for all of the movies in my Netflix cue.  Out of the 34 titles in my cue, there were only 3 that I couldn’t get at the library!

Every once in a while I log into my library’s online catalog system and search for some films.  When I find one I’m looking for I submit an online request.  I can request a movie from any library in the county and it will be sent to my local library for me to pick up. I usually wait only 2 to 3 days for my movie.

Using the library isn’t always as fast as Netflix or going to Blockbuster, but it is a whole lot cheaper!

There are just so many good reasons to love the library!

Do you ever get movies from the library?  I’d love to hear your recommendations for my next free rental!


  1. I’m obsessed with our library. They have a bunch of online resources, too. For example, if you want to learn a language you go onto their Mango page. Mango is an online service that gives online language lessons, kind of like Rosetta Stone, but free.

  2. The library also has a great selection of TV shows on DVD. We’ve gotten Stargate Atlantis, Bones, 18 kids and counting, and 7th Heaven. Some branches send out the discs seperately and others send the whole season as one.

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