Lovin’ the Library: Introduction

Hands down, using your local library has to be the best frugal tip out there.  I am in love with my local library these days.  Here is why:

  1.  Everything is FREE!  You can’t get much better than free!  It doesn’t matter what you borrow or use, there is simply no charge!  Computer & internet use?  Free!  Bestseller Novels?  Free!  Children’s Story Times?  Free!  Blockbuster Hit Movies?  Free!
  2. There are recent materials as well as the classics.  You can easily find Best Sellers books as well as your old time favorite.  Plus there are tons of new release movies available, which brings me to number 3…
  3. MOVIES!  The library isn’t just dusty old books!  There is literally something for everyone.
  4. The inter library loan system makes it possible for you to find just about anything you are looking for.  My local library system pulls materials from every library in the county.
  5. Online requests rock my world!  From the convenience of my home I can go online, log onto the library database, search for any material I want (book, DVD, books on CD, etc) and simply hit “REQUEST” to have the item sent to my local library.  If the item is currently available, then I usually have to wait about 2-3 days and then I’ll get a call saying my item is ready to be picked up.  How easy is that!??!?!

Stay tuned for more from my Lovin’ The Library series.  I’ll be featuring some of my favorite library finds.


  1. We get movies from the library as well. It’s great to watch all those movies you wanted to see at the theatre, but didn’t get to. It’s also been nice to get prenatal yoga DVDs and do it at home vs. a yoga class. As for recommendations, I don’t really have any. We just search for things we didn’t see when they were new.

    1. OOoooo! Jenn, I never thought to get exercise videos from the library!!! I’ve been wanting to exercise more. That would be a cool way to get a taste of different kinds of work outs. Thanks for the great idea!

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