My Breastfeeding Journey in 100 Words

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, here is my journey in exactly 100 words:

My little one was born and all was well.  She nursed happily and I happily nursed until…

She continuously refused the bottle.  Finally I tasted it.

YUCK!!  Something was wrong with my milk! 

Frantically I search for answers and discover that I have Excess Lipase.  Those two words were a punch in the stomach.  I had 575 oz. of frozen breast milk that my daughter wouldn’t drink.

I wept. 

I scalded. 

I donated. 

I healed. 

Having excess lipase turned into one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  My little one continued to nurse happily and I happily nursed…


I was asked to write about my nursing journey in 100 words of less by Amber McCann, a lactation consultant, who is gathering women’s breastfeeding stories for her blog.  To read more 100 word stories or to submit your own visit AmberMcCann.com.

Excess Lipase Acitivity


  1. The thing that strikes me as SO awesome for you is that this didn’t affect your actual nursing, only her taking a bottle. My two babies that I did breastfeed never took bottles while we were nursing anyway (one never did, period.) The fact that you were able to scald and donate the milk is great! I wish I’d known you when I was nursing my son! We were in need of donor milk for several months. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Yes, Dawn, I was very very lucky. There are so many kind of nursing problems that can be harder to fix. My daughter nursed so well that I didn’t even miss those 575 oz of donated milk. What a blessing!

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