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My Top 5 Picks for Summer

From my kids' favorite summer activity to my tip for great beach hair to this fabulous campfire treat, here are 5 top picks for summer!

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Inspired by this week’s Sorta Awesome podcast episode with Megan and Kelly, I’m sharing my top 5 picks for summer. I’m covering my best beauty tip, a fun beach read, one of my kids’ favorite summer activities, an amazing campfire treat, and how to stay organized and intentional all summer long.

My Top 5 Picks for Summer!

1. My hair hates the beach, but coconut oil helps! For years I resigned myself to the fact that my hair would always look like a frizzy, hideous mess when I went to the beach. Then I discovered coconut oil and it was a complete game changer for me. Honestly, I use some on my hair year round these days to help cut back on frizz, but when I’m at the beach it is 100% a must.

I use a generous amount as I work it into my hair. I mostly avoid my scalp, but I do lightly apply some on the top of my head to help with the frizz. I usually shower after being at the beach, so it never ends up feeling too greasy. You can find coconut oil all over these days, but this is my favorite brand. I also use it in cooking, for diaper rash, lip gloss, moisturizer, and more.

2. Love The One You’re With by Emily Giffin – I have read several books by Emily Giffin (including Something Borrowed, which was turned into a movie) and they have all been what you might call “a good beach read.” They are a light, easy read. Love The One You’re With was no different. I read it on Memorial Day weekend and thoroughly enjoyed this “chick-flick” style book.

The novel follows Ellen as she struggles after running into her ex-boyfriend. The rush of emotions and memories from seeing her ex complicates her previously happy marriage. The book is romantic without being raunchy and I don’t recall any bad language.

No offense to Giffin, but she does not write amazing pieces of literature. They make for a great light read, but if you are looking for something with more depth I would recommend The Kitchen House or A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

3. Crayola makes the BEST sidewalk chalk. This stuff is amazing. There are so many bright, amazing colors – 48 different colors actually! It will stand out on black asphalt or a pale cement sidewalk. My little ones are 5 and 3, but I would guess that all these amazing colors would also inspire a tween or teen to spend an afternoon creating some chalk art. I love this stuff so much that I wrote an entire post dedicated to it.

4. I’m addicted to creating summer lists. Four years ago I made my first Summer Fun List to help me be intentional about celebrating all the fun of summer. I loved it so much that I’ve continued to make a list each year. The lists are always filled with the little things (bubbles, sandbox, etc), the big things (vacation, week at Grandma’s, etc), and all the things in between.

I highly recommend creating a Summer Fun List for your family. I have a lot of tips and inspiration to help you. Or you could create a list of goals to help you stay focused this summer. Lists pretty much rock.

5. Strawberries + Marshmallow Fluff = Campfire Deliciousness! You guys. This was sooooo good! The refreshing juiciness of the strawberries mixed with the sweetness of the toasted marshmallow was simply out of this world when my family tried this recently.

I recommend drying off your strawberries as much as possible to help the fluff stick to the berry. Also be careful not to poke your roasting stick all the way through the strawberry. Those things are a bit slippery and it can be tricky to keep them on the stick! I had success when I poked the roasting stick through the hollow center of my strawberry and just into the flesh on the end, but careful not to go all the way through. Then try to keep your roasting stick upright as much as possible. It takes some patience, but it is so worth it!


Bonus Pick! Last week I told you all about how ePantry has become one of my favorite online stores for natural bath and cleaning products. If you are kicking yourself for not cashing in on the exclusive deal they were offering all Simply Rebekah readers last week, you can take advantage of a new deal! Through May 30, all first time ePantry customers will receive a free organic soy candle (with 70+ hours of burn time!) and a $10 credit to use on whatever you wish. Snag your candle and $10 credit here!

What are your top summer picks? Spread the love and share your find with me in the comments!

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  1. My top picks are mostly related to food! haha. One of my favorite things about summer is the fresh produce– summer tomatoes, juicy melons, and all kinds of other fruits and veggies that I look forward to all year.

    Past that, I’m hoping to make my kids a mud/water kitchen in our backyard. Likely a great combination of messes and fun.

    1. YES!!! I am soooo excited about all the fresh produce.

      I want to see pictures of this mud/water kitchen. I don’t mind my kids playing with water outside, but I’m not a huge fan of them bringing dirt into the mix.

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