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Neighbor Christmas Gifts: Orange You Glad It’s Christmas?

Neighbor Christmas Gifts: Orange you glad it is Christmas?

Handing out neighbor Christmas gifts time is one of my favorite family traditions.

During the warmer months, we see our neighbors quite a bit. Knocking on our neighbors doors in December, gives us an opportunity to catch up during a season when we don’t see each other as often due to the colder weather.

We tend to focus on affordable and unique gifts. I have a weak spot for puns. Over the years we have given several pun themed gifts.

Our neighbor Christmas gifts usually don’t cost very much, but the value of the gift isn’t the point. The act of giving the gift is about making connections with our neighbors and letting them know that we apperciate them, which is accomplished regardless of how much the gift cost.

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This past year we gave our neighbors bags of clementines with a note that read, “Orange you glad it is Christmas?”

I picked up some plain kraft paper gift bags and gift tags at Dollar Tree. You could also use these Christmas themed kraft paper bags from Amazon.

Neighbor Christmas Gifts: Orange You Glad It Is Christmas?

I hand wrote the note on the gift cards. A true professional would have typed out the note on a cute custom made tag, but I am not that woman. This was good enough.

If you do not share my love of puns, you could replace the “Orange you glad it is Christmas?” note with anything that fits your style. The gift of oranges is lovely enough on its own. They don’t need to be tied to a pun to make it appropriate for neighbor Christmas gifts.

Handing out neighbor Christmas gifts: oranges

Then we handed them out to our neighbors, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Looking for more neighbor Christmas gifts? Here are several other gifts we have given over the years:

What are your favorite neighbor Christmas gifts?

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