Now is the Time to Buy Ham!

My wonderful sister, Amy, filled me in on a great tip: Now is the time to buy ham! According to Amy, every year around Christmas and Easter hams are discounted. Plus there is a coupon for ham in the Sunday paper. So now is an excellent time to buy ham!

Amy buys a ham, cuts it into chunks and freezes it. Then she sees how many different ways she can enjoy her frugal find over the next couple of months. Amy actually kept a tally of all the different things she did with her Christmas ham.


There was a $3 off coupon for Kunzler hams in the Sunday paper the other week. Plus ham was selling for $1.78 a pound at a local grocery store. I was very pleased to buy a 7.24 pound ham for just $9.89! I already have plans to make a quiche and potato ham soup.

What are your favorite ham recipes? I could use some tips on how to use up my 7 pounder!


  1. We do ham and scalloped potatoes – Ham, sliced potatoes, onion sliced/diced, can mushroom soup, 1/4 cup sour cream, little milk, salt/pepper/garlic. Another favorite at our house- ham, rice, velveeta, mushroom soup, broccoli florets, little pepper.


  2. I do this too! I chop up my ham and put it into baggies–2 cups each because most of my recipes call for 1 1/2 to 2 cups of ham. I’m one up on you though, we get our ham for free from Vic’s employer. πŸ™‚ I also do the same thing with turkey. Buy it at Thnkasgiving for cheap and enjoy for months to come. I have a few recipes that specifically call for turkey but I often substitute chicken for turkey.

    THe chopped ham is nice to have in the summer to put on salads. Just thaw and drain. Also, as Grace gets older she will love a few ham chunks for lunch.

    Have fun with your frozen ham!

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