One Thing Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs

If you are a breastfeeding mom you need to own a nursing tank top.  Maybe not just one.  Maybe more like five!

I wear a nursing tank top daily.  I layer them under a regular shirt so I can lift my shirt, but still have my back and stomach covered when I am breastfeeding.  Who wants to have their post-baby belly fat showing???  Not me!

Nursing tanks really are the key to being able to nurse in front of others while exposing as little skin as possible.

Bravado Designs Essential Nursing Tank

I was beyond excited when Bravado Designs sent me their Essential Nursing Tank.  I have ended up loving my Bravado nursing tank so much that I don’t like to wear it.  Crazy, right?  I’m afraid I’m going to ruin it!  I own several nursing tanks, but my Bravado tank has quickly become my going-out-in-public tank.

It is like the Cadillac of nursing tanks!  Here is why:

Most nursing tank tops have a simple shelf bra.  They might offer enough support for you to go bra-less around the house, but you’ll probably want to double up with a nursing bra if you are venturing out.  However, the Bravado Essential Nursing Tank has a full bra built into the tank top.  Bravado doesn’t size their tanks by small, medium, or large.  They use actual bra measurements so you are sure to get a perfect fit!

Be Aware: Adjusting the straps on your tank top can make a big difference in the fit!  When I first tried on my tank, I thought I had ordered the wrong size and was disappointed in how it fit me.  After a small adjustment to the straps, it fits perfectly!

Bravado’s Essential Nursing Tank cost nearly $50 a piece, which seemed like a lot to this frugal mama, but…  When it comes to nursing tanks you truly do get what you pay for.  After receiving my Bravado tank top I went to a popular maternity clothing store and I tried on one of their nursing tanks.  The support was TERRIBLE!  I instantly saw that the support of the Bravado nursing tanks is worth the price.

Bravado Designs

My one complaint: I wish that Bravado offered a scoop neck version of the tank along with the v-neck style.  I tend to wear a lot of v-neck shirts.  I would appreciate the added modesty of a scoop neck tank top that I could wear under my low cut shirts.  Bravado, let me know when you start selling the scoop neck tanks and I’ll gladly test one out for you!   🙂

If you plan to nurse your baby for any length of time you really should get some nursing tanks.  If you want excellent support in your tank then you should make sure at least one of those tanks is made by Bravado Designs!  Check out their dark plum limited edition tank that is now available.

Are you a nursing tank lover?  Have you ever tried Bravado’s Essential Nursing Tank?

Disclosure: Bravado Designs provided me with an Essential Nursing Tank to review and keep.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links. All photos are by  Bravado Designs.  If you enjoy reading silly fine print like this then be sure to check out my full disclosure policy.  

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  1. I’m tempted to get a couple nursing tanks this time around. I saw the difference on you between the Bravado brand tank and the “other styles.” It’s just hard to justify $50 to Kirk when we’re on such a tight budget.

    1. Dorothy, nursing tanks are a MUST. One question I would ask yourself when considering getting a Bravado tank is: how long do you plan to breastfeed? If you only hope to do it for a few weeks then it probably isn’t a necessary investment while on a tight budget. If you hope to nurse for several months definitely go for it. Or at least put it on your baby registry!

    1. Kendra, Bravado decided not to offer a discount code with this review. I will certainly let you know if I get one from them in the future.

  2. I’m intrigued! I haven’t been able to wear a bra pretty much at ALL since delivering 6 months ago. Each time I wear one, even for just a few hours, I end up with major clogs and have ended up with mastitis once (almost twice). I’d love to find something I can wear!

  3. Bonds, an Australian company make great scoop neck nursing tank tops. Excellent quality, full bra insert $35 AUD. Its funny I have never seen a V-neck available in Australia but the scoop necks are everywhere, a staple for me and well worth the money.

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