Picking Olive and June Colors: The Perfect Formula

With over 100 Olive and June nail polish color options, how do you decide which 6 colors are the perfect ones for you to start with? Picking Olive and June colors can be intimidating, but I am here to help.

After being obsessed with Olive and June for over a year, I’ve come up with the perfect formula for picking your first 6 polish colors.

First let me say, this formula is for anyone struggling to pick their 6 colors. If you are very decisive, you likely don’t need my help. Go with your instincts, and don’t worry about my suggestions.

However, if you could use some guidance in how to pick your polish colors, or even if you have most of them picked out, but you don’t know which last colors to fill in your final spots – this formula is for you!

If you are still debating if the Olive & June nail polish system would be a good fit for you, read my honest review. I share how I went from never painting my nails to having manicured nails every week. Plus, I share who I think should try Olive & June and who should pass.

This post contains affiliate links.

Before we get to the formula, don’t forget to:

  • consider seasonal colors for all year – It might be tempting to load up on Olive and June colors for the current season, but you’ll want to have colors you can wear all throughout the year.
  • plan for your toes – Any color can be a pedicure color, but it isn’t uncommon for people to wear bolder colors on their toes.
  • go with your gut – If any part of my formula doesn’t feel like something you will actually wear, then skip it and replace that color with one you will feel more confident in.
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The Perfect Formula for Picking Olive and June Colors

Olive & June Cozy Up
Cozy Up

Something Red

You can’t get more classic than red nail polish. It can make a bold statement or feel like a neutral that goes with anything. Everyone should have go-to red polish.

Picking Olive and June Colors: The Reds

Olive & June Reds to Consider:
(pictured above from left to right)

  • CV – a classic bold red
  • Larchmont – bright red with an orange undertone
  • Cozy Up – a brownish red for those who want a more understated red
  • JG – a deep magenta
  • Quick Dry Option: Smooch
Olive & June: Prom (quick dry)
Prom – Quick Dry

Something Pink

Like red, pink nail polish is a classic choice. Not only is it great on a mani, but it is also perfect for pedictures.

Picking Olive and June Colors: The Pinks

Olive & June Pinks to Consider:
(Pictured above from left to right)

Olive & June: Dry Clean Only
Dry Clean Only

A Light Neutral

A neutral color is something that you can wear with anything. You can wear a neutral and feel confident it will work with whatever you put on that day. A light neutral is great for an understated manicure and warm weather months.

Picking Olive and June Colors: The Light Neutrals

Olive & June Light Neutrals to Consider:
(Pictured above from left to right)

  • BEB – a white sheer that will brighten your nails
  • Strawberry Scone – a pink sheer that will look like your nails, but better
  • Point Dume – a pale warm neutral
  • Cable Knit – a classic cream
  • Dry Clean Only – a taupe putty
  • If you want more color in your light neutral, look at GH (a barely there pink), BP (a pale blue), and ECC (a nice light grey).
  • Quick Dry Option: Howdy
Olive & June: JJ

A Bold Neutral

A neutral doesn’t have to be a barely-there-color. You can have a bolder shade of color that also is a neutral that goes with just about anything. A bolder neutral is especially nice for cool weather months.

Picking Olive and June Colors: The Bold Neutrals

Olive & June Bold Neutrals to Consider:
(Pictured above from left to right)

  • JJ – warm cinnamon brown
  • Scattered Showers – a dark grey
  • MG – a beautiful terracotta
  • E+M – classic black (It isn’t as goth as it sounds.)
  • If you want more color in your bold neutral, look at any of the reds for a classic mani or OMG for a deep navy.
  • Quick Dry Option: Sagey
Olive & June: Yes Please
Yes Please

Something Unexpected

This is your chance to go outside your comfort zone just a little bit or consider something fun for a pedicure color. Personally, I love unexpected blue and green polishes. Below are some of my personal favorites.

Picking Olive and June Colors: Something Unexpected

Olive & June Unexpected Colors to Consider:
(Pictured above from left to right)

Olive and June: Make A Res with Is It Too Much?
Is It Too Much? on top of Make A Res

An Accent Color

If you don’t have other colors competing for this final spot, consider adding a polish that can be used as an accent color. Metallics, shimmers, or glitter polishes add a pop of sparkle to a mani.

Picking Olive and June Color: The Accent Colors

Olive & June Accent Colors to Consider:
(Pictured above from left to right)

  • OJBH – a gold shimmer
  • OJSM – a rose gold shimmer
  • Exclamation Point – silver glitter polish
  • Is It Too Much? – gold flake
  • Pink Goldfish – an iridescent polish that can be worn alone or layered on top of other colors
  • Quick Dry Option: Currently, there are no quick dry metallics or glitters, but you could consider Lippy, which is a red with gold shimmer.

Now is a great time to order your first mani system, and I hope this formula helps you decide which 6 colors you should order first. If you want to hear more about the Olive & June mani system, read my review here.

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I would love to hear about your first 6 Olive and June nail polish colors. Which ones did you order? Did the formula work for you?

Let me know if you need any more help picking Olive and June colors!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I am an Olive & June ambassador, but this post was not sponsored. Images of nail polish bottles are from Olive & June and used with permission. All other images are my own. Olive & June’s Black Friday sale is valid 11/16-11/28. Get 25% off with code SHINE25.


  1. I love Olive and June nail polish. It last 14 days for me. The most I can get from other polishes is 5 days. I just wish there was a more neutral pink Grateful and kind is too purple for me and the other pinks are
    too orange. What about a dusty pink?/?

    1. Dana, for a dusty pink I would try HZ. Have you considered Wait, Does it Come In Pink? That is a cool-toned pale pink.

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