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Stitch Fix Kids: A Frugal Mom’s Honest Review

Stitch Fix Kids: a frugal mom's honest review

Stitch Fix, the personalized at-home shopping experience, has launch a new division just for children. Stitch Fix Kids invited my children, Grace and Noah, to try it out. I’m excited to give you my full and honest review from the perspective of a frugal mom.

This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. However, I was offered credit towards our purchases and the post contains affiliate links. If you schedule through my link I’ll earn a small commission at no cost to you. All opinions are my own. 

What is Stitch Fix Kids?

Stitch Fix Kids works just like their women’s and men’s division. After filling out a Stitch Fix Kids profile, a real life stylist will ship your little ones a box of 8-12 items (tops, dresses, shoes, pants, pajamas, etc). Your kids can try on the clothing, buy what you want, and send back the rest.

Stitch Fixes Kids offers sizes 2T to 14. 

How Much Does Stitch Fix Kids Cost?

There is a $20 styling fee for each box. If you decide to purchase anything from your box, the $20 styling fee is applied towards the cost of your clothing. If you don’t keep anything in the box, then you are out the 20 bucks.

If you chose to buy everything in your box, you’ll get a 25% off discount. Shipping and returns are always free.

These are the starting prices according to Stitch Fix Kids:

  • Leggings – $10
  • Dresses – $18
  • Outerwear – $24
  • Graphic Tees – $12
  • Denim – $18

Grace’s box ranged from $14 to $54 per item. Her entire box was $240 or $180 with the 25% discount. Noah’s box was $14 to $28 per item.  His entire box was $200 or $150 with the discount. The exact prices are all listed below.

Stitch Fix Kids

What I Loved about Stitch Fix Kids

We had a lot of fun filling out the style profiles. I filled out all the questions about sizing, and then Grace and Noah help me answer the questions about style preferences.

They asked . . . 

  • current sizes kids wear
  • body proportions
  • fit preference (slim, straight or loose)
  • fabrics to avoid (wool, glitter, faux fur, corduroy, etc.)
  • features to avoid (zippers, exposed shoulders, buttons, etc.)
  • style preferences (They provided different style pallets & asked which we liked best.)
  • color preferences
  • print preferences (stripes, plaid, camo, gingham, etc.)
  • graphic t-shirt preferences (sports, superheros, animals, princesses, etc.)

I was also able to tell them how often I wanted them to send the kids certain types of clothing. I requested mostly tops and pants, and said no to accessories, pajamas, and outerwear.

It was very impressive how thorough the questions were. Have a kid that can’t stand collars? Don’t like putting your kids in camouflage? Is your little one obsessed with dinosaurs? They cover it all!

I made several requests for my kids’ boxes, and most of the requests were met. Although it is July, I was thinking ahead to this school year. I requested mostly jeans and long sleeve tops. I also asked for a sweatshirt and comfy pants for Noah, which they sent. Grace needed some shorts with a longer inseam, and those came also. I was really impressed how many requests the stylists fulfilled.

Stitch Fix Kids was a fun experience for Grace and Noah. They both delighted in sharing their style preferences. They were on pins and needles waiting for their boxes to arrive. Unboxing the clothes was the highlight of the day.

What I Didn’t Love about Stitch Fix Kids

I had some issues with sizing. Most of Noah’s clothes fit well, or at least well enough that I’m sure he will grow into them this school year. However, Grace’s clothes were all too big. Some of her clothes might not fit until 2 years from now.

Grace is a very thin, small girl. I tried to express that in her style profile. I requested size 7 tops and bottoms, but also said size 8 slim might work in pants. Grace received two items in size 7, four items in size small, and three pairs of pants in size 8 (regular 8, not slim).

When I buy pants for Grace, I only buy the kind that has the adjustable waist inside. I should have said that in Grace’s profile. None of her pants came with an adjustable waist.

My next complaint about Stitch Fix Kids is the price. While the prices are not outrageous, they are not even close to the prices I usually pay for clothes on sale or second hand.

A Breakdown of Grace’s Stitch Fix Kids Box

“Live The Dream” Sweatshirt – $22

  • This is Grace’s favorite item in her whole box.
  • cons: I don’t care for the ruffles (but Grace loves them).
  • verdict: keep

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans – $20

  • very soft
  • cons: too big
  • verdict: sent back

Plaid Top – $22

  • soft and silky
  • loved the colors
  • cons: too big, wrinkled easily
  • verdict: sent back

Light Purple Skinny Jeans – $28

  • fun color
  • cons: too big
  • verdict: sent back

Puppy Sweater – $20

  • I didn’t like the dog.
  • Grace didn’t like the elbow patches.
  • verdict: sent back

Light Wash Skinny Jeans – $20

  • super soft
  • cons: too big
  • verdict: keep (I agreed to let Grace keep one pair of jeans for her to grow into.)

Coral Lace Top – $14

  • loved the color & lace detail on the back
  • cons: very thin, too big
  • verdict: sent back

Roller Skates Sweat Shirt – $24

  • fun, retro design
  • cons: too big, but this one is pretty manageable
  • verdict: keep

Velcro Tennis Shoes – $54

  • I requested shoes for school.
  • cons: ugly and expensive
  • verdict: sent back

Bermuda Shorts – $16 for both

  • great length
  • good price
  • cons: too big
  • verdict: ??? (I am waiting to hear if they can exchange for a smaller size. If not, they will be sent back.)

A Breakdown of Noah’s Stitch Fix Kids Box

Button Down Shirt with Plaid Cuff – $16

  • super cute
  • cons: cuffs are too tight
  • verdict: sent back

Khaki Shorts – $18

  • nice, dressy shorts
  • cons: too big, Noah doesn’t like them
  • verdict: sent back

“Awesome Dude” T-Shirt – $16

  • love the color
  • cons: Noah owns a similar shirt.
  • verdict: sent back

Grey Joggers – $22

  • casual, but nice
  • Noah loves “comfy” pants.
  • cons: none
  • verdict: keep

Striped Knit Tee – $14

  • love the blue color
  • cons: It is hard to tell in this picture, but I don’t care for the texture of the fabric.
  • verdict: sent back

Olive Hooded Sweatshirt – $26

  • love the style
  • cons: The tag says it is made with a non-toxic dye that will fade over time for a more vintage look. Will it actually look better over time or just old?
  • verdict: I can’t decide! He needs a warm shirt like this, but the fading thing is throwing me off.

Knit Shorts – $20

  • Noah loves the style.
  • cons: too big
  • verdict: keep

Plaid Button Down Shirt – $22

  • cool detail on the cuffs
  • cons: a little too big, I just don’t love it
  • verdict: sent back

Dark Wash Jeans – $28

  • adjustable waist band inside
  • cons: a little big, but manageable
  • verdict: keep

“Live Life Loud” T-Shirt – $16

  • This is Noah’s favorite shirt from the whole box.
  • cons: none
  • verdict: keep

Do I Recommend Stitch Fix Kids?

Yes and No. If you only shop clearance sales or second hand, I don’t think you’ll want to try this method of shopping for your kids. Yet, I still think it would be a really good experience for some people.

I think you would love Stitch Fix Kids if…

  • You don’t mind paying a little more for connivence. 
  • You have multiple kids the same gender. You’ll get more bang for your buck by being able to pass down high quality clothes to the younger kids. I kept more for Noah knowing that his little brother would wear the clothes in a couple years.
  • You have kids who would enjoy this as an experience gift. Honestly, my kids loved getting a Stitch Fix Kids box. It really would make a fun gift, but only if you have kids who understand that they won’t be able to keep everything (unless that is part of your budget).

Don’t forget that you can earn free credit to offset the cost of your Stitch Fix! There is a referral program that is available to all Stitch Fix customers. If your friends sign up for Stitch Fix with your referral link, you will earn $25 in credit. That would add up quickly!

How to Try Stitch Fix Kids

Sign up using this link.

Fill out a profile for your child and schedule a box.

Click here to read my full review of Stitch Fix for women. Plus, don’t miss the frustration with my last box.

Enjoy your Stitch Fix!

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, but they did provide me with credit to cover the cost of the clothes. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 


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